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The things they say in Trivia!!!!!  Look for the 'Quote of the Week'
<LeNa> oh i just noticed ..... don't need my kinky box anymore  we got realsheep tonight instead
<tweetyboy> pmsl LeNa. hehehehehehehehehehehehe
<sunshine^> baaaaaaaaa
<LeNa> lmao sunshine^
<ColP> can we all shear realsheep around then ?
<ColP> pardon me, hi realsheep :)

<LeNa> !LeNa dirtydeedsdonewithsheep.wav
<Guest11062> Laughing Out Loud
<realsheep> all right - the jokes on me ....
<LeNa> lol sorry realsheep  we tend to get alittle excited at the sight of sheep  lol
<ColP> just your shout realsheep, will be someone else's soon enough
<realsheep> lol
<sunshine^> ohhhh lena....are you a closet kiwi that hasn't come out yet???  lol
<ColP> you would be absorbed into the collective
<LeNa> hehehehe sunshine^ 
<realsheep> i dont know what it is about my nick.... :S
<ColP> well everyone craves a sheep that is...mmmm....more real ???
<LeNa> its the soft bottoms that keep me interested in sheep  lol
<sunshine^> is that mutton or lamb??  lol
<tweetyboy> we get sick of our blow up sheep realsheep cause danny's put far too many holes in it and we're sick of repairing the damn thing
<realsheep> <drama> you havent seen 'the fake sheep' around have you </drama>
<ColP> by god, i have to make do with a blow-up one
<sunshine^> roflmao tweets!!!
<realsheep> he he he
<ColP> ahh are you a programmer then realsheep ?
* realsheep couldnt help notice that this room was about trivia
<LeNa> or trivial chat realsheep which is more the case at this time of night  lol
<realsheep> this time of night ???? im just getting started...

<queen_of_the_mist> I have to buy some candles .... and where LeNa she got to jump outa the cake
<queen_of_the_mist> oh ok ... these time differences are confushing
<heyvick> lunchtime, queen_of_the_mist
<queen_of_the_mist> yeah heyvick but I might still be in bed cause it earlier here
<tweetyboy> i won't be cause i'm going out for lunch tomorrow
<queen_of_the_mist> oh yum where tweetyboy? anywhere interesting, exciting???
[02:06] <tweetyboy> not sure at the moment queen_of_the_mist, have to discuss it on the phone tomorrow with the person who's taking me but will probably be somewhere in parramatta
<heyvick> well get off it ColP!!
<ColP> i can't even type on this thing lol
<queen_of_the_mist> lol heyvick
<heyvick> sit on a chair instead
<queen_of_the_mist> pml
<PuNkY_bReWsTeR> Laughing Out Loud
<ColP> bbl
<PuNkY_bReWsTeR> okays
<ColP> they want it back !!! Hahahahah
<PuNkY_bReWsTeR> well they cant have it
<queen_of_the_mist> sheesh they more demanding than us ColP lol
<tweetyboy> pmsl queenie, no ones more demanding than you hun when you want it. hehehehehehehehehe
<heyvick> whooooohooooo, queen_of_the_mist!!!
<heyvick> look out, tweetyboy
<queen_of_the_mist> ummmaaaa! oh I never make 'those' demands on ColP lol
<tweetyboy> lol heyvick
<tweetyboy> not half
<tweetyboy> lol
<queen_of_the_mist> ColP u come back here an tell 'em I is a good gal pml
<tweetyboy> yeah he's already told us how good you are are queenie. lol
<queen_of_the_mist> ummaaaa! thort he was discreet
<heyvick> apparently not
<tweetyboy> he was, he was very discreet, he said i'm not mentioning any names but god that roll in the mist was great
* heyvick gets out the mist-making machine
* queen_of_the_mist gets out a baton
* heyvick turns of the mist-making machine - enough smoke in here
* tweetyboy gets outta the damn way
* queen_of_the_mist *taps* tweetyboy an heyvick on the head
<queen_of_the_mist> lol
<tweetyboy> hehehehehehe
<heyvick> was only my head, that didn't hurt a bit, nahnah
* queen_of_the_mist tries to act surpised at heyvick statement
<heyvick> huh!!!
<queen_of_the_mist> gward heyvick ... I being polite ... I acting like I is suprised it  not hurt you instead of acting like I knew it wouldn't hurt you
<queen_of_the_mist> 'damb I hate explaining me funnies
<heyvick> yeah yeah yeah yeah
<queen_of_the_mist> heyvick
<heyvick> not as funny as you thought it was, was it, roflmao
<queen_of_the_mist> do you think ColP is looking a little peaky .. like he could do wif a bit o' colour on his cheeks?
<heyvick> you know what happened to 'thought' don't you, queen_of_the_mist???
<tweetyboy> lol queenie and i'm sure you'd just love to add a little colour to his cheeks
<queen_of_the_mist> gward yes heyvick ... some of me thorts should be washed out wif sop
<queen_of_the_mist> oops meant soap lol
<tweetyboy> yep, thought thought his bum was hanging out of bed so he got up to tuck it in
<heyvick> lol
<queen_of_the_mist> lol

<tweetyboy> wb LeNa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<queen_of_the_mist> LeNa LeNa LeNa xxxxxx
<LeNa> ty ty guys
<tweetyboy> soooooooo LeNa, where's ya bin and watya bin doin?? lol
<queen_of_the_mist> so someone worked out who we was then LeNa?
<LeNa> lol queen_of_the_mist she sure did  hehehe
<LeNa> u know where i been tweetyboy  and now u've made me all dirty  lol
<tweetyboy> hehehehehehehehehe LeNa, damn. oh well, looks like we'll have to go have a nice hot shower and i'll have to wash your back for you, and the front, just so it doesn't feel left out
<LeNa> pmsl tweetyboy  well i'm there!!!!!!! u getting to slow in ya old age hon  hehehehe 
* queen_of_the_mist is shocked at the effect LeNa has on tweetyboy
<queen_of_the_mist> ... her that is innnnnnocccent NoT!
<tweetyboy> hehehehehehehehe LeNa, was just letting you get a headstart
<LeNa> hehehehe of course u just want me warmed up before u come eh?
<tweetyboy> rofl, so to speak
* queen_of_the_mist closes her innocent eyes and puts her hands over her ears
<LeNa> why queen_of_the_mist?????? 
<queen_of_the_mist> well LeNa u is in the room ... that enough pml
<LeNa> lol queen_of_the_mist  lets just say i have to be here to add some culture to the room .... mean to say how far down the gutter can this room get without me
<queen_of_the_mist> ooh LeNa .... um .... almost to the drain lol
<LeNa> lol queen_of_the_mist but not quite gurgling till i'm actually here is that what your saying? 

<LeNa> i wz going to bed 10mins ago  lol
<heyvick> changed your mind LeNa???
<tweetyboy> lol, i always manage to keep you going and going and going LeNa. lol
<LeNa> pmsl tweetyboy  i was going to say ...... nah i'm not going to say  lol
<LeNa> didn't change my mind heyvick  tweetyboy just distracted me once again  lol
<tweetyboy> just call her ever-ready bunny
<LeNa> he has this way u see..... knows just where to tickle me  lol
<tweetyboy> hehehehehehehehe
* heyvick passes tweets the feather duster
<LeNa> lmao heyvick  yeah thanks and ur sposed to be on my team  lol
<tweetyboy> rofl
<LeNa> ok thats it  i'm going  lol
<heyvick> hey, am like switzerland, lol
<tweetyboy> neutral
<LeNa> think i'll go eat worms  lol
<heyvick> yep
<heyvick> long thin skinny ones
<heyvick> short fat juicy ones............see them wriggle and squirm

<Tektronix>                 v               tweetyboy      t
<Tektronix>      v                           v e
<Tektronix>  _/\ _/\ _/\ _/\       x
<Tektronix>  _/\ _/\_/\ _/\   x
<Tektronix>           YOU ARE A GOD TWEETYBOY!!!         y

<^spectre^> too late she cried
<tweetyboy> again. lol
<heyvick> you doing a lot of crying tonight ^spectre^, lol
<tweetyboy> he's being a big woosey girls blouse tonight heyvick, which is nothing unusual for him. hehehe
* heyvick passes ^spectre^ the box of tissues

<white_diamond> mmmmmm tweetyboy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<Simon> I told u she wants u bad tweetboy
<Simon> tweetyboy
<Simon> blardy java
<white_diamond> lol Simon good for ya typing skills
<tweetyboy> was that before or after you told her to tell me she wanted me back Simon????
<Simon> shhhhhhhhh wd grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
<Simon> jus tryin to start some rumours tweetyboy

<white_diamond> lol Simon your nortiiiiiiiii
<Simon> lmao
<tweetyboy> why's he norti this time white_diamond?
<white_diamond> he sending norti text messages tweetyboy lol
<white_diamond> they rudeeeeeeeeeeee
<Simon> was there another time? lmao
<tweetyboy> pmsl Simon, you're always norti so there's lots of other times. hehehehehe
* white_diamond grabs  tweetyboy ....turns them over Her knee...and begins Birthday two three...ummm what comes after three ?
<Mad_Mango> here's that whip again!
<Simon> U opped cause I'm norti? lol
<white_diamond> ohhhhh ta Mad_Mango tweets likes the whip lol
* tweetyboy says white_diamond one two three four, drop your panties to the floor five six seven eight bend right over, let me spank that date. hehehehehe
<white_diamond> wooooo hooooooo tweetyboy
<Simon> hahaha
* white_diamond bends over
<tweetyboy> pmsl Simon. wellllllllllllllllllll that's always an option. hehehe
* tweetyboy gets in spanking stance
* white_diamond wriggles her butt into position for tweetyboy
* Mad_Mango dons the dark glasses
* white_diamond notices that Mad_Mango is peeking out the bottom of his glasses
* tweetyboy raises his hand above white_diamond's butt, brings it rushing down on her butt and watches as he brings a flush to her cheeks
<Mad_Mango> never.......not me
* white_diamond gets flushes all over ..... more tweetyboy more mmmmmmm
<white_diamond> noooo not you Mad_Mango lol
<Planet_Grazing> goodness !
<Simon> lol
<white_diamond> trust you to come back now Planet_Grazing lol
<Planet_Grazing> hi white_diamond ;) xoxox
<white_diamond> hi Planet_Grazing :) xoxoxo
<Simon> hi Planet_Grazing
<Mad_Mango> it's a male thing
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