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The things they say in Trivia!!!!!  Look for the 'Quote of the Week'
* ^JuicyFruit^ drills a hole in his skull to give his brain some air
* gliderplane is dain bramaged
* HoratioSmythe is too after last nite....
<gliderplane> oooooooo y ?
<^JuicyFruit^> "uh-oh. i hope i didn't brain my damage."
<heyvick> a few more cells gone HoratioSmythe??
<HoratioSmythe> i partied hard
<gliderplane> oooooooooo
<HoratioSmythe> maybe a few
<HoratioSmythe> lucky ive got heaps
<HoratioSmythe> lol
<Lena> i just kill them everyso often ...... should actually exlude them but hey i'm too lazy  heheheeh
<HoratioSmythe> was my cousins 21st
<gliderplane> actually only the weaker cells die HoratioSmythe so in a darwinian sorta way u is improvin your brain (thats my story and i'm stickin to it)
<HoratioSmythe> lol
<HoratioSmythe> sounds good
<HoratioSmythe> im creating a super race
<gliderplane> wow
<gliderplane> can i join ?
<gliderplane> in
<HoratioSmythe> doing mankind a favour by drinking to excess
<HoratioSmythe> :)
<Mad_Mango> in your dreams glider
<HoratioSmythe> yeah, why not
<HoratioSmythe> feel free
<gliderplane> ohhhh Mad_Mango i am pretty super ya know
<Planet_Waves> Work is the curse of the drinking classes.
<Planet_Waves> (Pearson's Life of Oscar Wilde)
*** gliderplane is now known as s-on-my-chest
<s-on-my-chest> lol
<Mad_Mango> lol
<Planet_Waves> i got sucked into Oscar Wilde quotes tonight lol
<s-on-my-chest> there is only one thing worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about (oscar wilde)
* ^JuicyFruit^ sits on his own lap
<Planet_Waves> yep lol
<Planet_Waves> Life is far too important to be taken seriously.
<Mad_Mango> his juicyfruit?????
*** s-on-my-chest is now known as gliderplane
<Planet_Waves> The soul is born old but grows young. That is the comedy of life. And the body is born young and grows old. That is life's tragedy.
<Planet_Waves> Oscar Wilde
<Planet_Waves> -A Women of No Importance-
<Mad_Mango> very important to see the funny side planet
<gliderplane> to lose one
<gliderplane> oops
<Planet_Waves> he did some great ones about america LOL
<gliderplane> i couldnt remember the rest of it pmsl
<Planet_Waves> wb gliderplane
<gliderplane> ty
<gliderplane> Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same." -- Oscar Wilde
* ^JuicyFruit^ is suqshing himself ans pushes himself off his lap
<Lena> hope u didn't land too hard on ya butt ^JuicyFruit^
<^JuicyFruit^> no, Lena, i broke my fall with my head
<Lena> ouch ^JuicyFruit^  need a panadol then?

<nazzy> Glider, I'd rater that you tell me about your brother, you know the really rich one with devilshly good looks
<^JuicyFruit^> hehehe nazzy
<rubyfire> yeah i'd like to hear that story
<gliderplane> lol nazzy, i not got one of those
<rubyfire> :-)
<Cali_No1> not me being excessivley Juicy
<rubyfire> how about a brother that's just good looking
<rubyfire> but can cook
<gliderplane> he's married rubyfire :(
<gliderplane> sowwy
* ^JuicyFruit^ thinks Cali_No1 should express him/herself
<gliderplane> i have a nice friend but he's in new zealand
<rubyfire> hhhmm forget it - been there done that! bad karma etc... i'm done with that
<gliderplane> long distance romance appeal ?
<rubyfire> is he short?
<gliderplane> no
<nazzy> No! I have to be firm on this point. THey MUST be wealthy before anythoing else
<gliderplane> tall
<gliderplane> well he's out then nazzy cos he's NOT rich
<rubyfire> i like tall
<gliderplane> i'm rich tho nazzy ;)
<rubyfire> does he have his hair still
<gliderplane> yes rubyfire
<^JuicyFruit^> i am excessively wealthy nazzy, but i don't come into my money until i kill...i mean until my parent's pass on...heh heh heh
<gliderplane> pmsl ^JuicyFruit^

<Tektronix> it's not whether you win or lose it's how you go blaaaaaahhhhh to the other team
<heyvick> prft Tektronix, lol
<Tektronix> mean congratulations
<heyvick>   \|/ ____ \|/    \|/ ____ \|/    \|/ ____ \|/ 
<heyvick>    @~/ ,. \~@      @~/ ,. \~@      @~/ ,. \~@  
<heyvick>   /_( \_ / )_\    /_( \_ / )_\    /_( \_ / )_\ 
<heyvick>      \__U_/          \__U_/          \__U_/    
<heyvick>     tektronix       tektronix       tektronix  
<heyvick> is that what you meant????? heehee
<Russel_Dalrymple> How highly do you rate intellect in a partner heyvick????
<heyvick> depends on how busy he keeps me doing other things, Russel_Dalrymple
<Mad_Mango>   {'`}     Kss M
<Mad_Mango>    (   )     r tt
<Mad_Mango>   (/   \)     what spanking????
<Mad_Mango>   (__u__)
<Russel_Dalrymple> mmm good answer.... cos i is a dullard
<heyvick> well looks like we're going to have to find something else to keep ourselves occupied Russel_Dalrymple
<Russel_Dalrymple> the himbo i can play
<tweetyboy> pmsl Russel_Dalrymple, just what heyvick's been looking for
<Russel_Dalrymple> now where is my hair dye
<heyvick> yay tweety, think i've died and gone to heaven!!!!!!!!!!!

<cooee> where is git? says he is here
<Tektronix> he is proabely rumaging through his pantry for more biscuits
<Tektronix> or maybe he is in a priv...oooow waaaaa
<cooee> tim tams? my favourite git in the whole world
<_Keyman_brb> me
<Russel_Dalrymple> stop picking on him
* Mad_Mango searching everywhere for those frequent flyer points
*** _Keyman_brb is now known as _Keyman_busy
<tweetyboy> don't you mean rumaging through his panties for baked ons Tektronix??
<cooee> hello key
<cooee> oh ick tweetys
<Russel_Dalrymple> hh M Gw   tweetyboy... lol
<Tektronix> could be that also tweetyboy
<_Keyman_busy> hey there coeee
<tweetyboy> hi _Keyman_busy
<Tektronix> but I know he is loyal to me
<_Keyman_busy> hoi tweety
<cooee> thinks about opping and booting tweets for being norti, but dont know how
* Tektronix hands cooee her steel capped boots
<cooee> ty .. no steel tho .. i set the airport alarms off anyway
<Tektronix> hH yeah forgot
<cooee> sings .... one day ya gunna get caaaaaught
<Tektronix> with ya steel caps down
<cooee> them too
<tweetyboy> hehehehehehe cooee, i do. lol
<cooee> the underwire bra even set it portable scanner thing off .... *blink*
<Tektronix> the steel plate in my head does that cooee
<cooee> why you got one of them tekky
<Tektronix> just kidding cooee
<cooee> oh kk
<tweetyboy> was that before or after the labotomy op Tektronix?? hehehe
<tweetyboy> joshin Tektronix
<Tektronix> after tweetyboy that why one half of my head has no hair
* heyvick thinks tweety skating on thin ice at the moment
<Tektronix> but you can run your fingers through the other side tweetyboy
<tweetyboy> pmsl Tektronix, you were lucky, at least you managed to keep hair on one side, all mine came off
<Tektronix> nothing turns me on more than a waxed head
* tweetyboy makes mental note to buy some wax tomorrow
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