Nick: ^spectre^

Alternative Nick: now that would be telling lol

Stats: 36/male / residing south of adelaide

Star Sign: capricorn

Interests and Hobbies: motorcycle racing , car racing anything involving adrenalin lol

Favourite Music: 70's 80's 90's rock anything except rap music , coz rap music should start with a *c* not an *r* lol

Favourite Colour: cobalt blue

Favourite Article of Clothing: jeans and a black tee shirt

Favourite Flower: protea  and native wild orchids

Adjectivesto describe yourself: easy going , laid back just taking it easy watching the world go by .

Favourite Foods: honey chicken with fried rice

Favourite Quote: too many to mention

Why #fun.trivia is the best: coz the room is very friendly and the hosts of the room are very helpful, its just a great place to visit.

Other rooms you visit: hey is there other rooms besides trivia .....

Most Embrassing Moment: Well to be honest i dont think i can recall any which are suitable for here and besides i embarass easily .
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