About Trivia and Triviabot
What you need to know
The Game

Triviabot is owned by  Ancient.
Triviabot is a chat bot or "bot" A bot  is simply an internet term used to describe a computer program, utilised to perform a set of predetermined actions. Bot is an abbreviation of the word "robot". Chat bots are used to ensure flow of the conversation by eliminating the undesired aspects of Internet chat such as swearing and text flooding the chat window with excessive text. Triviabot currently has access to a text file of nearly 60,000 questions.

What can triviabot do?:
Send the Trivia game to Channel, recognising answers and user commands (more later)  and keep record of scores/teams etc.
And like other Chat Bots can also:
Record channel conversations
Warn and kick for bad language.
Warn and kick for CAPS use over 35 characters long
Warn and kick for lines with no words - over 35 characters long
Warn and kick for repeating
Provide text flood protection if one does any of following in short period of time
6 channel messages,
4 notices,
4 actions,
3 nick changes,
3 joins,
3 ctcps (including DCC),
3 ctcp replies,
2 invites,
10 private msgs or
10 chat messages.
Triviabot can and is controlled at times by a human operator.
All warnings are done via /MSG so you will only see people kicked but not warned

TriviaBot Commands

All triviabot commands are prefixed with ans
ans help shows help
ans join team 1 lets you join team #1
ans  join team 2 lets you join team #2
ans  show teams shows, who's on a team currently
ans  team <new name> changes your team's name to <new name> only after you have joined a team
ans  show points displays the points of each team
ans show comment redisplays the current question
ans  rounds show number of rounds needed to win
ans list topics lists out the verious topics for the game
ans who started shows who started the game
ans pass moves on to the next question
ans hint  Triviabot picks a random number between 1 and 5 and give you that many characters of the answer
ans select topic x (use a number for x from the show topics command above) chooses a theme for the game
ans quit ends the current game immediately - Use with great caution - quitting a game without the permission of a  majority of chatters will get you kicked and banned
ans what server tells you what server Triviabot is on (connect to that server for that extra edge)
ans to answer a question, type "ans <your answer>"

Submitting questions to Triviabot

All chatters are invited to submit questions to be included by Triviabot in games.
The formatting of questions to the below example would be appreciated and allows questions to be included in the Triviabot text file sooner.

Category: This is the question?|answer|Alternative Answer
eg.  General: What colour is a blue crayon?|blue|Blue

Basic Chat Etiquette
Internet chat is mostly a very enjoyable experience. It allows you to meet many people from all countries around the world. This is a place to make new friends, perhaps start a Net romance or simply talk on subjects which interest you. You are expected to follow simple guidelines as to how you present your views appropriately. Becoming familiar with the set conventions will make your chat experience a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Talking in a chat room is like walking into a room full of strangers, so the normal social conventions apply. You wouldn't normally run in shouting, swearing and being abusive, so make sure you don't here either.

Be polite, welcome people entering the room or introduce yourself to those already in there. You don't need to use proper punctuation or capital letters. Remember that SHOUTING in a chat room means typing in capital letters. Be careful you don't accidentally hit the Caps Lock key.

If you get carried away and break any of the rules, you will be ejected or even banned from the chat room. Read telstra.com Term of Use to check for appropriate behaviour and language. The chat room moderators make sure that no one is breaking the rules.

Channel Rules - Telstra: No Profanity, implied swearing, floods, abuse, repeating, cyber sex, advertising, No TYPING in ALL CAPS. Listen to channel hosts!

Channel Policies - #Fun.Trivia
Please remember that this is a PG RATED channel. No swearing, either directly or implied. No flooding. No cybersex. No derogatory comments to yourself or to others. No drug references. No begging for ops and No harassment of channel operators....relax and enjoy chatting

Keep it friendly

To show respect to the trivia game and to avoid distraction of other players,, the hosts and chatters of #fun.trivia ask that popups and music scripts with text addons not be played whilst a game is in progress

Chat Expressions
Click for a list of Emoticons and Chat acronyms

If you are new to IRC you may find yourself bewildered and overwhelmed by symbols and expressions not commonly used in everyday English. A lot of the expressions used are based around youth and university student culture. Many of them have their source in the hippie culture of 1960s as well as from the computer hacker community.
All over it
(phrase) To be very interested or involved in something.
As if
(sarcastic phrase) Iíll believe it when I see it.
(adj.) Outstanding.
(verb) To get out, or leave. "This partyís over; itís time to bail."
(adj.) Outstanding. Fun. Satisfying. "Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in ĎLethal Weapon 4í are still banginí."
Big Up
Thank you. "Big Up to my sister for covering for me when I came home past curfew."
(noun) Pals. buddies, male or female. "Iím going to the mall to hang with my buds."
(noun) Gorgeous, muscular. The lifeguards on "Baywatch" are totally buff.
(noun). Smooth, like a hot knife cuts through it.
(adj.) Is still cool.
(noun) Domicile. House, home, dorm room. Come on over to my crib, weíll watch some vids (videos).
(noun). A temporary obsession. A boyfriend, probably not forever.
Da Bomb
(phrase) The ultimate, the greatest. The champ. Awesome. In his prime, Muhammad Ali was Da Bomb.
(noun) Friend or homey.
(adj.) Cool, interesting, beautiful, or combination. Halle Berry, she is so dope.
(adj.) To be in agreement with or accepting of something. The coach is tough, but Iím down with the program.
(noun) A guy, a man, an exceptional person. "Youíre the dude, man! No, man, you are the dude, man!"
(adj.) Looking good; styling. Showing off. Nothing to do with cleaning oneís teeth.
(adv.) Ample, plentiful. "There was hella food at the all-you-can eat buffet."
(noun) Extremely desirable. To many teenage girls, Leonardo DiCaprio is just so hot.
(noun) Problems. Like, "she really has issues with her mother; they donít get along at all."
(adj.) Stylish, sexy, hot.
(noun) Money, honey.
(verb) To chill out, take it easy.
(noun) Cool, or excellent. "He won that kick-butt dune bike in a contest."
(adj.) A large quantity.
Mad crazy
(interjection) Unbelievable.
(noun) Hip; solid; reliable. "I can always count on her, sheís money."
(active noun) Gotta, gotta have it. "The Lucinda Williams album is a must-have."
Peachy beans.
Midwestern variation on "peachy keen." "I think it would be peach beans if people started to wear button-down blouses with only the top button buttoned," someone suggested as a fashion tip on teenspeak.com
(noun) Outstanding. Excellent. All purpose superlative.
(noun) Player. A hot shot, especially with the opposite sex.
(adj.) Excited, ready to go.
(verb) Being very good at something: "Sara rocks at math: She got 98 on the test."
(adj.) Splendid.
(adj.) Brilliant, the best. Can Michael Jordan play basketball? Heís sick!
(adj.) Thrilled, excited.
See "Whassup?"
To Die For
(adj.) Extremely desirable. "Those platform pumps are to die for."
(verb) To worry, get upset. "When dad sees my report card, heís gonna trip."
(noun) Bad, unfortunate, crazy in an uncool way. Detention? Thatís wack.
Way Cool
Very very much cool.
Whatís up. Hi. Multipurpose conversation-starter.
"Whatís up?"
"Nothiní "