Alternative Nicks: Necromancer^ Night_Devil

Stats: Old Enough, male, Sydney

StarSign: Cancer

Interests/Hobbies: Reading, Chatting, Music, Chatting, Socialising oh and did I mention chatting

Favourite Music: Pink Floyd

Favourite colour: purple (and yes what they say about purple is true)

Favourite Flower: Rose

Favourite Foods: satay, chicken, satay, beef oh and did i mention satay

Favourite Article of Clothing: Mango t-shirt (Mystie's Nightie)

Favourite Quote/Saying: Is my face red? (don't answer that)

Adjectives to Describe yourself: friendly, sociable, appealing (if you have a white cane, call me), pure, wholesome, cuddly

Why #Fun.Trivia is the best room: Cos everyone is so friendly and I'm there!!!!!

Other Rooms you Visit: Are there any others out there??

Most Embarrassing Moment: getting really drunk during 'O' week in my first year of Uni and waking up on a kitchen floor next to an ironing board and having no idea where I was or how I got there whilst others did

Other Comment: Come join us in #fun.trivia..... you won't be disappointed and you'll meet some great people there, like me.
Rumbles (updated 27/2/02)
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And yes I am wearing Mystie's nightie here.
Blame Mystie, Arabian Knight and Flowerchild for this one.