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Furship Guild Memfur Awards

One of the things we Furship Kitties can do for Furship, is that when we are visiting other Furship Kitties' sites, to apply for any awards that they give.

We also have some Furship Awards that memfurs can apply for, or give out.


This beautiful award was designed and made by Tamara. It can be given to any CLAW Memfur, whether in Furship Guild or not.

Award(31322 bytes)
The cute award above was created by LuvKitty's and Nicholas Cage. This can be awarded to any Claw cat also. All recipients must meet Furship criteria, which is our motto.

If you know a kitty that deserves either award, then let Mysty know and we'll make sure they receive it!

Award Recipients

Madam Troublinski
Misty, SnowPuff, Tang and Keedie
LuvKitty's and Nicholas Cage
Sissy G

Please click on the recipients name to link to their wonderful sites.


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