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Mrreow! This is Furship's Banner Swap Page.. an idea to promote Furship even more amongst all us Furship Cats.

We will be putting Site Banners here for any Furship Cats who would like to purrticipate in this activity.

The idea is that we Cats display banners for other Furship Memfurs, on our web pages.. Each banner is linked to the other Kitty's site. And we will be getting Furship points for displaying each other's banners!

If mew don't have a banner and mew aren't able to make one, contact me, Miss Pinkerton, and I will make mew one!

And a reminder for Memfurs who don't have their own pages.. you can get a Furship Locker through Tiger, or Mysty Mew can keep all mewr Furship banners and awards and graphics and.. all your Furship things.. in!

If you would like to purrticipate, the banners are displayed below. Save the banner you want to display, to your own computer. Under each banner is the Memfur's name, and the information you will need for the link. And also the Memfur's emew address, so you can let them know that you are displaying their banner!

And when mew take another Cat's banner from here and display it, don't forget to let Mysty know so that she can make sure mew get your points! And also let the other kitty know as well!

Here are the banners we have so far:

Memfur: Kelly Temp Cat
Link To:
Site Name: 3 Good Cats
Emew: 3goodcats@go.com

Memfur: Miss Pinkerton and Anne Cordelia
Link To:
Site Name: Andie's Tabbies
Emew: skyrket@sierra.net

Memfur: Mysty
Link To:
Site Name: Mysty's Place
Emew: Mystyqcat@aol.com

Memfur: Pepe
Link To:
Site Name: Purr Babies Happy Habitat
Emew: purrmommy@yahoo.com

Memfur: Brother Jerome, Brother Petrus and Brother Oswin
Link To:
Site Name: The Brothers Page
Emew: Brother_Jerome@catswhiskers.co.uk

Memfur: LuvKitty's
Link To:
Site Name: LuvKittys Castle
Emew: mskttypuss@lawtonnet.net

Memfur: Sassy
Link To: http://spoiledkitty.faithweb.com
Site Name: Spoiled Kitty
Emew: spoiled_kitty_cat@yahoo.com

Memfur: Snowpuff, Keedie, Tang, Patches and Misty
Link To: http://www.angelfire.com/ri/thetygersden/index.html
Site Name: Tyger's Den
Emew: Tygerstar097@webtv.net

This page has been prepared by Webmaster Cat, Miss Pinkerton.. that's me! But mew can call me Pinky.

I last updated it on November 20, 2000.

If mew have any queries, please emew me.

Email Site Coordinator Cat


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