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Candle Remembrances

At this wonderful time of the year, the Furship Guild is lighting candles with special remembrances and purrs.


Pepe's Candle

Pepe has dedicated  her candle to her brofur Mouse, and sisfur Mittens, who are at the Rainbow Bridge. She purred, 'my candle is dedicated to my brofur and sisfur, Mouse & Mittens, who have made the journey to Rainbow Bridge. They were shining lights in our family. May it shine as brightly as their memories do in my meowmie's heart.

Pinkie Candle

Miss Pinkerton purred, I think that at Christmas it is so appropriate to think of those in need. This is the candle that burns on my site, 'as a light in the dark, and as a reminder for all of us that not all Kitties are as happy as we are... Light a candle too, to show the way to safety for all lost and lonely Cats (yes, and even d*gs too...), and as a memorial to all those who were not so lucky here on Earth, and have crossed the Bridge in sadness and pain. They have food and warmth and shelter now...'

The Candle is also dedicated to the Tabby Orphan Crew, the 4 siblings of my little sisfur Michelle, who sadly never saw even one Christmas. Poor Meowmie tried so hard to save them.... And to all the Kitties Meowmie loved who have gone before; all my brofurs and sisfurs that I have not yet met, but I know their names and they'll be there waiting, singing the Welcoming Song when it's my turn to go... Sallie, Li'l Pete, Pedro, Ginger Mick, Max, Sam, Kadaicha, Leroy, Bianca, GingerBoy, Vincent, Nerissa, Puff, Bart, Topaz, FurNando, Alexander, Markie....

Love from Pinkie, Meowmie Andie, and the ofur Kadiddies - Tottsky, Minnie Mouser, Charlie Foreland, Anne Cordelia and Michelle Kadiddie

LuvKitties Candle

In loving memory of all the Furr Babys that have passed on to Rainbow Bridge.

Purr's and Paw Pat's..( LuvKittys) 'Judy' Chester,Cheech,Puffer and AlleyCat'AL'

FurShip Furriends

This candle is dedicated to Meomie's first cat, who is over the Rainbow Bridge, Smokey.  In her name we hope all kitties and people are warm and fed always.

Purrs forever, Mysty

Tyger Den's candle

Misty, Keedie, Tang, SnowPuff and Patches are purring for world peace, for an end to all animal abuse, and for every unwanted cat and dog to find homes with people who love them, warmth, good food, and good health.

Boo's Candle

This candle was lit by Boo, who dedicated it to her brofur Girly Girl who went to the Bridge a year ago. Boo also purrs, '... and to all the homeless and mistreated kitties in the world. Our prayer is for all of them to find homes with good and loving people, Never to be homeless or mistreated again'.

Purrs, Boo

USA Candle

This candle created with a caring heart is dedicated to all those around the world, who care and were affected by this year's tragic events and to all those around the world still suffering.

Queek's candle

Queek dedicated her candle she wrote - 'for my dear old partner Wojo, who passed away in September. I would like to wish him and all the kitties waiting at the Rainbow Bridge a Merry Christmas. As it will be his first Christmas without me, I wanted to let him know he is not forgotten. I am sure the kitties waiting there celebrate too!' Queek, too, crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year. She is gone, but in our hearts furever!

Calli Candle

This candle is dedicated fur Ms Kitty's namesake, Ms Kitty1... Calli mewed, 'who lived wif meowmiefur many years befur she crossed over to the Bridge... She was meowmies furst tortieshell and a furry loving kitty... meowmie has explained to me how I got my name. . May mew rest in peace Ms Kitty, until we meet...


Ms Kitty, Kiki , Calli and meowmie too.'

Bastethas lit her special candle "for homeless kitties all over the world, in memory of all the abused and killed animals, the animals who were 'put to sleep', and, most of all, for the animals of the next millennium. For the people of the planet earth to see what they are doing wrong, and to make it better. There is an ancient proverb that goes: "Treat the Earth well. For it was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children." This candle is for the wish, blown up to the heavens with the candle's smoke, that people will learn to live up to this saying, and make the world better, for all animals and people."

Tamara's Candle

Tamara has dedicated her candle to the fur kids in shelters, the ones that are abused and the less fortunate.

Calli's Topaz Candle

Calli has dedicated this candle to Topaz.. She purred, ' my wonderful, loving brofur who was born befur my time.. and lived wif meowmie fur many years.. until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge... May he havf all the fresh fruit he can eat there..as he was fond of bananas, cantaloupes, grapes and all the ripe fruit.. it had to be ripe.. or he wouldn't eat it...Rest well Topaz, and Meowmie and me will meet mew there!

Love, Calli, Ms Kitty, Kiki and Meowmie

CalliCat candle

Calli Cat hopes that all the kitties in the shelters find homes before the Christmas Season is over. 'I also hope that all the abused kitties in the world find peace with a loving home and family.'

Fatboy and Love have dedicated their candle for ' all our family members that live so far away, we wish we could be together. Our wish is that every kitty have a nice warm place to sleep and a human to love them.

Purrs from Fatboy and Love

Penny purrs, 'Thanks to all the kitties for making this a holiday to rememfur.


Mysty candle

Mysty has lit this special candle in honor of all Furship Members and Furriends.


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We all purr for peace, homes and food for all.


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