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Here you will find mewings by our Memfurs, on "How I Slept Through Furship"

and the Winners are:

First Place is a tie with the Luv Kitty's, Nicholas Cage and Madam Troublinski

Second Place is Boo and Pepe

Third Place is Misty, Tang, SnowPuff, Keedie and Queek

Fourth Place is Miss Pinkerton and Chavalah

Honor Award to the others for great participation.

Everyone is a Winner

Thanks to all the purrticipants and happy catnapping

The winners should have received their award by mail, if you didn't, let me know. Any participant can also copy the cute award below by Boo. All awards were created by Boo, many thanks!


Summer Cat
By Chavalah

I long for days of summer time
When basking out by window fair
I'll stretch and let my fur unfold
And let thee lick it clean of ware.

And my black fur susceptible
To heat provided by the sun
Absorbs and takes to all my body
Warming me and everyone.

And we shall sit for all the day
While hoomins work in other place
Leaving 'hind sweet sound of silence
Until I find a tail to chase.

And after time, when sun takes rest
I'll sit by thee and lay my head
Upon thy sweet, dear mass of fur
Which I do take to be my bed.

And we shall lay and watch the stars
Switch on in the dark of night
And twitching whiskers in content
We'll slumber through the glowing light.


Sleep Through Furship
By Madam Troublinski

How could I sleep through furship,

And miss out on all the fun?

The parties, the friendship the visits,

How? a cat nap one by one.

I will go and play with Pepe or Al

Go home and take a nap

Go check out who is in a contest

Catnap again and zap......

I'm off to write a mew mail

Or send a greeting card

Then home again to get some Z's

See? it isn't hard

Furship = Friendship

And friendship is # 1

I just couldn't sleep through it

And miss out on all the fun.


Sleeping Through Furship
By Miss Pinkerton

Like every kitty, one of my

favourite things is Sleep.

I power nap here,

I power nap there..

I take a break and powernap


But not through Furship.

No! Not through Furship.

There's too much

to see and do,

To visit kitties

and sit and mew....

And being the kind of Cat that I am

I can't resist a good gossipy chin-wag,

So I email my friends

My Furship friends

Or get 'em on ICQ

and chat till days end..

So to tell you the truth, this topic to me

is so hard to address...but I'll try! For, you see...

I don't ever sleep

through Furship at all,

It's far too much fun,

and we ALL have a ball....


Favorite Way to Sleep Through Furship
By Queek

My favorite way to sleep through Furship is to sleep out on Mysty's balcony with her.

We hold sleepovers whenever I can get away from my duties at home and feel it is safe to leave my humans to care for themselves for awhile.

I enjoy curling up beside Mysty on her blanket and we mew about the weather,

about the activities at CLAW, about training our humans to serve us properly, and we exchange grooming tips.

Slowly we drift off to sleep, with the stars keeping watch over us.

It's a wonderful way to sleep through Furship!

Many Purrs


Favorite Way to Sleep
By Misty, Tang, SnowPuff and Keedie

I sleep upon my meowmie's bed,
And purr to her while she rests her head,
My brother comes and lays so near,
I lick his fur and purr softly in his ear,
We sleep and purr the hours away,
Till the sun declares a brand new day.


How I Slept Through Furship
By Pepe

I likes get on mewmie's desk chair to relax,
so instead of move me away,
mewmie wheel me and da chair backs
and bring in nofur chair fur her to sit at catputer on.
She tell me to watch ofer her shoulders
and we do our Furship wurk togetfur.
Most of da timze I cat nap,
or efen fall sounds asleep.
My mewmie can't see cause she is wurk on catputer!
She tinks I is helping,
so dis is my ways of sleep through Furship! Hee Hee


When I Sleeps thru Furship
By Boo

I sleep thru furship only when that darn puter is off
Finding my self bored I curls up in a ball in the loft
Then I hear that familiar little sound of the puter
being turned on *Meows* opens my eyes & lifts myself up
*thinking to myself* (I just could not get any cuter)
Stretches and then stretches again, then I pounce down
from above *oops* Knocking over my favorite water cup!
I shakes the water off my furry little paw and move over
to the Puter where I find my furry tired Meowmie home from
work. I purrs and gives her a headbutt or two & little love.
Then she says I still haf to wait my turn to read my mail
So I Hops up on the chair wif her and curls up in her lap
helps her fur awhile then before I knows it
I am taking another Nap!
Sleeping and dreaming of my furship friends and fun.
Then meowmie turns of the puter
and boom I fall out of her Lap.
No wonders I need so many cat naps
after being dropped to the floor


Sleep Through Furship?
By Tamara

Sleeping through Furship well this cant be,
there so many things to do and see.

Signing petitions and visiting too,
I just dont see how we could sleep through.

With scavenger hunts and chatting with friends,
I think you will agree Furship never ends.

With all this said and work to be done,
who can sleep with so much fun.


How I Sleeps Through Furship
By Little One

I wakes up and eat,I luvs on my meowmie
then I needs a nap.
I wakes up again and eats,
Looks at the computer but am to tired to play
Nap time again.
I wakes up and chases my sisfur, Boo around
then I eats and chases the d*g.
I even manage to get locked in the closet again
Oh Purrs, I needs another nap.
Mews a kittens napping is never done.
Now you see why I could sleeps thru furship with no problem at all.


Snowpuff, Keedie and Misty sleeping through Furship


Nic'z Sleep thru Furship
By Nicolas Cage

Sleep thru FurShip ,Wouldn't I no it?
Sleep thru Furship ,Everyonz would noz it.
Cheer kitty'z can't sleep. We haz duty'z to keepz.
So if I sleepz thru FurShip, I sleepz ,
Wif onz eyez openz and And my Pawz typinz in my sleepz.


LuvKittys Sleep thru FurShip
By LuvKittys and Nicolas Cage

With Ecircle to keepz.
We hardlys gitz any sleepz.
To many Kittys we haz to speak,
We mew aldayz long wif palz dat we keepz.
Somz kittyz needz are helpz ,
we goz rightz awayz, to busy to sleepz.
Onz at a timz we sneak off to sleepz.
While Puffz runz da circlez , Al will mew to his sweetz.
Den Cheech takz da helmz while I gitz somz sleepz


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