Furship Conservation and Fun


We have a special fun activity for you.

Can you guess how many flowers are in the picture?

Furship Members send your guesses for credit through

the email link.

Can you name many ways to advise furriends to preserve our Earth and protect

the lovely flowers?

Furship members send your mewings through the email link below.

SassyTamaraPepper Mille

Sassy, Tamara and Pepper Mille' have been working all day in the gardens spreading the Earth Day message.

And Sissy G has been working hard too... tending our flowers and caring for the Earth!

Tamara says to protect our earth don't litter - recycle.

Remember Earth Day banner above is the Furship Guild's gift to you or The Claw

or yellow graphic below, which is also on the Tent's First page.

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Our conservation and counting was tilled on April 17, 2000.

Our tent is unfolded at Geocities.