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Welcome to our Reception Desk for the Furship Guild! Please take a seat and sign in!

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If you are not yet a Furship Guild Member, we would enjoy your Furship, but you must join The Cat's Meow Club first and then join Furship Guild through the TCMC Guild Page -

Furship Guild

What is the Furship Guild? Visit our Furship Guild's Reception Room for information.

Furship Guild Members, please remember to fill in the form below. Information such as your page URLs, email, birthdays etc. will be posted in the Furship Guild Memfurs' Room. Please let us know if your page has a guestbook, award, game, contest or the like. Remember to advise if a member writes or applies for anything at your site stating Furship. All members earn points for doing so.


Please use the form below to sign up for Guild news, information or to enter suggestions or comments. If the form isn't working correctly or not visible in your browser, please use the e-mail link at the bottom of the page.

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Memfurs can create page contests or advise for a Furship activity. Just send in your ideas on the Information and Comments Form

Furship and Mew

Other activities and mews can be found in our Furship Guild Recreation Room .


Banner Exchange. Memfurs can submit their own site banner, and other memfurs take these banners to display on their sites.

Banner Contest. Furship Guild Banners designed by memfurs are displayed here - choose one to display on your site, and vote for the one you like best!

Furship Desk. The page you are on :) Here you will find information about Furship, and the Supplementary Member Form, for letting us know birthdays, URL's, change of email and the like.

Furship Graphics. A selection of lovely Furship Guild graphics, designed by memfurs. Choose some to display on your own pages.

Furship Golden Showcase. The Furship Site of the Month Award. Apply for the award, or come and see who has already won!

Honour Gallery. The Furship Awards of the Month, and Honour Boards of previous winners.

Furship Office. Furship Guild officeholders list, level award graphics, and memfur ranks list.

Memfur List. A list of all active Furship Memfurs, with emails, photos and birthdays. The list also includes site addresses, with the activities (guestbooks, awards etc.) that we can take part in at each site.

Memfur Page. List of all Memfurs with current point total and level earned.

Recreation Room. The place to visit, to find out about current activities.

MewsRoom. All the current mews. New memfurs, birthday wishes, contest winners and more. The last three mewsletters are available here.

The Inkwell. Furship poems, by our Furship Cats. Read 1999 Poet Laureate, Ally's, winning poem, and the entries for 2000.

Catnap Cave. Member's mewing - "How I Slept Through Furship".

Virtual Vacation Passport. Read Memfurs' Virtual Vacation mewings.


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