TCMC Furship Garden

Furship Summer Garden Tour

Please join our Walking Tour of Furship Gardens. You are

invited afterwards for an Afternoon Tea at the Furship Lodge.

~ Below are our Tour Stops ~

Boo's Garden

Keedie's Garden at the Tyger's Den

LuvKitty's Garden

Mysty's Garden, recently updated.

Moke's Garden

Please follow your tour guides, as we pass Sissy G's garden.

The LuvKitty's are on their

way to meet Troubie and Keedie for tea.

After our Garden tour have a cup of More delicacies being

served at the Furship Lodge with

Miss Pinkerton Tiger Magnificat

who are our Tour Guides.

Mysty come Back!  Where are you off to?

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There you are Mysty swinging with Moke!  Come Join Us! (36053 bytes)

If you came here first, return to our Furship Fling and visit with

our other members or view our Virtual Vacations.

Return to

the The Cat's Meow or the Furship Recreation Room.


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