Furship Golden Cat ShowCase

Furship Golden Cat ShowCase

Furship Award

Our January 2001 Award went to Misty, SnowPuff, Tang, Keedie and Patches. Visit their site at The Tyger's Den. View their terrific theme pages, club pages and more.

Past Monthly ShowCase Site Winners

Our September 2000 Award went to Chimmy Leen. Visit her site at Choc.a.lot and meet Chimmy.

Our Winner for August 2000 was our Award Cats, Estralla and Destino. Visit their wonderfur site and see their pictures and more at - Estralla and Destino's

Chavalah won for July 2000. Meet Chavalah at Chavalah's and see her great site.

June's Site of the Month was presented to Fatboy.

Our winner for May 2000 was Sassy. Visit her terrific and extensive site at Spoiled Kitty. She has graphics, pictures, information and more.

April 2000's Monthly Award was presented to Madam Troublinski. She has an interesting and fun site with her market, fat is fun club and her brother, Smokey's magic. Visit her at Mystic Cat's Site

March's Site of the Month Award goes to LuvKitty's. They have an extensive site including a castle, stop by soon and sign their books.

February 2000 was Sugar and Buster.

Our Award of January 2000, first of the new millennium, was presented to Boo. Boo has a wonderfur site and just added some activity pages. Visit Boo's Site and see her Furship page and great graphics.

Pepper was December, November was Tamara and October 1999 was Ally.

Tiger Magnificat won for the Month of September 1999. Visit his wonderfur pages.

Calli was our Site of the Month Award Winner for July 1999. WTG and Concatulations!

Our first Site of the Month Award winner was Miss Pinkerton, for June 1999. Concatulations!

To apply for this award, please contact Estralla or Destino or Mysty. The award may be received only once every few months. Isn't the award by Estralla and Destino lovely?

All past winners will be listed in the Golden Cat ShowCase with links in the future. Click on the winners names and visit their sites and the award.

If you are not a member of the Furship Guild or the Cat's Meow Club, you can go to The Cat's Meow or the Furship Lodge or Email us for info.

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This showcase was updated on February 24, 2001.

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