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      FURSHIP GUILD               


Hi! Come on in, pull up a chair and purr a while.


        If you would like to join,

    you can E-Mail me for membership and or further information. 

      If you are a Furship Guild member, ring the bell to come in.

Furship Member Card


The Furship Guild promotes members and cats helping

each other. We help each other with contests, page

interaction, computer information, web pages

activities and links.


Furship includes visiting each other's sites.

We visit each other's contest entries on our pages

or off, send mews, sign guestbooks or add urls to link

pages and more. Members are not required to participate

in activities.  Their Furship is all that is needed!

Voting in contests is an individual choice, but

visiting the site is Furship. We will have contests on

themes and more! We visit each other's pages and

leave our pawprints. In the past we had an E-Nature

Adventure.  It was based on the TV show, Survivor.

Participation was  wonderful and we Congratulate

Snowey, the Ultimate Survivor. Along with

The CLAW Cat Club we had classes and attended Summer

 Camp and the Winter Festival!

Members can also gain points by keeping a log

and advising of members visits, votes etc. Wesupport and

promote Furship. We have many wonderful events and

await your suggestions also.



 The Furship Lodge has many positions for

participation also.  The list of filled positions is at

 the Furship Guild Office. 

The above graphic is a membership graphic

for members. 


Furship can be gained on different levels. We use

points and honors (titles, send suggestions). Please feel

 free to meow us with questions. The Furship Guild

members know Mysty likes to nap a lot, so she need

a lot of help!


Please take a minute and post in our Guest Map!

Free Guestmap from Bravenet.com Free Guestmap from Bravenet.com


The Furship Guild is maintained by Mysty. Current

Activities and Mews are

posted in the Furship Recreation Room.

Many of our members have been with Furship for over 5 years!

You will find them here or on the Furship path welcoming

you to our Lodge!

The Furship Lodge Ring
Ring Owner: Storme and Mysty  Site: The Furship Lodge
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