Furship Guild Meowmie's Day

Poems by Furship Members to Meowmie's!


"My Home With Meowmie"

My meowmie is kind and loves me a lot
She brushes me and feeds me, right on the dot.
My brothers and sisters I care for too,
and having them near me, I never am blue.
So happy I am, and so full of joy,
to be part of a household  with lots of cat toys!
Here, I am the Queen, no other so fair,
and here's where I'll stay, I'm sure not going anywhere!
If meowmie hadn't rescued me,
I'd still be alone, living in poverty.
Happy Mother's Day Meowmie!!!

~By Pepe~




I am your tomz kitty,
Your special big bad boy,
I bring you lots of trouble
I also bring you lots of joy
I was your outside kitty
Living in our little screen room
After several injuries
You were afraid I'd meet my doom
You brought me inside the house
Where it is comfy, cozy & warm
Away from all the dangers
Of the outside world's cruel harm
Each day you give me foodie
As much as I can eat
Wet, dry and sometimes human
And of course, many a treat
For all your love and kindness
I have no way to repay
Except to say " I love you"
And "Happy Meowmie's Day"

Mewr luffing son Moke




For My Mommy
You took me from the cage
And talked to me,
I touched you with my paw
And knew with you I had to be!
You brought me to my forever home
Gave me love beyond compare
Food, shelter and treats are always there
For my sisfurs and brofurs to share!
When it is time for brushing
I am first in line
Not like my sisfurs or brofurs
Who may be fussing!
You take good care of me
And see that I stay healthy!
And still find time
To play with me!
I luff to cuddle and nap wif mew
And don't mind when mew call
Me Funny Face too!
For all these things I want mew to know
How very much I luff mew!
Happy Meowmie's Day!


Luff, Scraps





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Although you've gone where I can't see,
Your spirit lingers on with me,
Your love remains within my heart,
Our bond eternal, never to part,
I remember you with love,
I honor you now in the clouds above,
I cherish all our happy times,
Your gifts to me will outlast time,
You were more than just my mom,
You were my best friend. I love you.
I miss you, my precious treasured mom.
Be happy up at rainbow bridge with our family,

till we meet again.
Forever, Love Kitty


Below is a special poem sent from across the

Rainbow Bridge from a Special cat and friend

to her Special Meowmie *sniff*

Meowmie my sweet meowmie
I'm sending all my love
I hope that you receive it
From the Rainbow Bridge above
I am very happy here
with my kitty friends I play
But how much I miss you
and my more "human way"
I miss your loving kisses
You placed upon my fur
I miss the way you'd pet me
and always make me purr
I miss my daily brushing
Then I'd look into the glass
I'd turn around and look at you
I knew I was a pretty lass
I miss my morning drinks
of water from the tap
I miss the way you'd pick me up
And hold me on your lap
I miss my colored hairbands
And how we'd love to play
I miss the outside critters
That would visit me each day
I miss snuggling in the beddie
with you every night
I miss our time on the puter
friend's mews filled me with delight
I miss my bites of lobster
That was my favorite food
I also miss my other treats
Oh... they were sooo good.
I love you and I miss you
That's what I really want to say
I want you to be happy and
Have a "purrfect meowmie's day"
Troubie (from the Rainbow Bridge)




We are two luffed felines

We are two special felines

We know we are luffed


We know we are special

because Meomie is luff!

Happy Meomie's Day to

all those Luffing Meomie's

and Meowmies!

Mysty and Storme



The Cats of the Furship Guild offer these gifts of poetry to our Meowmies, with purrs and whisker kisses. Thank mew, Meowmie.





Thank You to all our special purr babies,

Mewr Meomies!

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