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Welcome to Benjy, Kimimela, Kona Silk, and RubyTopaz!


        We have a new Marapet at named FurLeo.  Any member can play with him, just mew Mysty if you don't have the name and password.

        Our Frog Mascot in the Recreation room has a new name, FurFroglet.  Moke had submitted the winning name!  Drop in on him at the Recreation Room.

        Furship's Super Cat Tale is at

        You can  read Meomie's Day Poems  at


        Don't forget to see how our members spent their summer Vacation. Read April's and the Tyger's Den!


        For Thanks giving we had A Thanksgiving Member Quilt.


        Concatulations to the winners of our E-Nature Adventure! Snowey was the Final Survivor and 2nd place was Troubie, Third was Baby Blu, then Snowpuff!Concatulatons to all, what a long time and strong Cats you are! Thanks to all the participants! You made it all such fun and adventure!


        Concatulations to the winners of our Furriest Contest! Isabelle is the Furriest Furship Cat of the year and 2nd place is Keedie, Third is Sasha and Fourth is Moke.  Concatulatons!

        Pepe, our Poet Laureate, judged the Verbosity Contest. Our Most Verbose kitty is Sasha, with Miss Pinkerton (C'est moi!) second. Third place is Pinkie Gill, and Honorable Mention to Pepper Mille. And Pepe made the beautiful awards herself!

        Happy Birthday

        Happy Birthday to all those that are celebrating in June and July! Happy Birthday wishes to all those who will be celebrating in August!

        Hope you celebrate and enjoy your Birthdays and the coming year!

        AND AWARDS

        Monthly winners and the beautiful award by Destino are at the Furship Golden Cat ShowCase. Details for entering are below or on that page or contact  Destino or Mysty. Remember you can only win, if you apply. Send in your applications for. If you've applied already, your page and name will be entered for the following month.

        The Supurr Award by LuvKitty's and Nicholas Cage is at the Awards Page. If you know a cat, who you feel deserves it, please nominate them. Pepper Mille' was our very first recipient.

        Concatulations to the Sleeping Through Furship Winners and entries. All entries are winners! Thank mew to the voters, your choices are as follows. First place was won by LuvKitties, Nicholas Cage and Madam Troublinski. Second place is Boo and Pepe, third went to Misty, Keddie, SnowPuff, Tang and Queek. Fourth Place is Pinkie and Chavalah. They were all so wonderful, thanks all. The awards were sent by mail. If you didn't receive it, please let me know. All others who entered receive the Honor Award, which can be copied from the Furship Catnap Cave or I'll send it on request. All members can take the sleeping through Furship graphic that is on the page, if they like. All the awards were created by Boo. Thank you, Boo.


          Awards etc. can be placed on a locker page. If you need one, ask Mysty.

        Misty won the contest at Pepper Mille's in 2004 and so did Mysty. Madam Troublinksi and AlleyCat Al, those catsome winks, won first place in their Valentine Contest! Pepe and Puffer won Second Place in another Contest! Concatulations! Madam Troublinski won top prize in her Web Brawl. Madam Troublinski's brother, Moke, won Pepper Mille's Gallery contest for July. Concatulations!  Mysty won two contests and costume contests with Moke!  Snowpuff and his wink won in Pepper mIlle's Gallery for winks June 2003! Playful won the coveted Oscat award in June 2004!

        It's a Girl, RUBY! Cyber kitty Two Girls! Our Fairy Kitty will heretofore be known as Amberlea!pet dishKitty fairy

        Furship's adopted mascot from Pergamond was named Ruby and our adopted Fairy Kitty from Boo is Amberlea!


        If you receive any of our mailings from Yahoo, Egroups , we are using their service as a backup list for Furship. They promise confidentiality. If that is ever breached, please let us know. This list will be available to all Guild Directors for mailings regarding their activities. Updated mews and mailings may be sent by our BirthdayCat, Pepe.

        We also have the Furship Furriends Mews at Yahoo.  I try and add all new members, let me know if I forget.  It's up to you if you want to stay on the list.  It's for furship members to mew furriendly furship info and Pepe announces Birthdays in it and between Mewsletters I may put mews in it or contest info etc.

        If you have a picture of your furry self, you can send it to me and we'll resize it small to put next to your name in the Office.

        We also can use more Furship title suggestions. So far, everyone starts off as Catizens. Would you like becoming a FurSkipper, or FurCaptain? or do you have a better name? Then FurWizard and suggested by Tyie and Tia, FurEminence and FurEminent, FurMagnificence and FurMagnificent or Furrendkin. suggestions from Tiger include, FurHelper, FurAssistant, FurChampion, FurPal, FurSustainer, FurMate, FurAdmiral, FurCommander, FurPatron. Some of our latest suggestions were from Pepe. Below are some levels, the rest are listed in the Furship Office.

        GentleCat is the first male level, and FurMaiden is the first female level - 100 points.

        FurDuchess and FurDuke is Level II - 350 points

        Level III - 500 points is FurLord and FurLady and Level IV is FurEnchantress and FurKnight

        Level V - 850 points is FurMyLady and FurMystic.

        More are listed in the office with awards.

        Concatulations to members,who have earned Levels and a title. If you didn't take your graphic, let us know. They are all listed in the office, and updated as points are.

        If you haven't received a FurMaiden or GentleCat graphic let Mysty know. If you want the name changed on yours, as you gain a level, let me know also. Thanks to Boo for a wonderful graphics!

        If you do not have a Furship Position and would like one, please mew us or use the form at the Furship Guild Front Desk, where you can leave birthdays and urls also. A couple of new positions have been added in addition to others at the Furship Reception area.

        Mysty has a Board Room, where she has posted banners from the exchange started by Miss Pinkerton. Other members have been posting banners from there also.

        Wish I had more time to apply and purrticipate myself!! Miss Pinkerton's and other friends are at our Parlor.

        Any comments or advice always welcome. If I left anything out that someone would like mentioned, please mew me.

        If you are not a Furship Member, and are interested in joining please write Mysty at  If you want to sign up with Furship at Claw, please go to the computer room at Claw and fill out the guild form.  If you would like more information, please visit our Furship Reception Area or send email. We look forward to your mews.


The last 3 Mewsletters are available online.

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May 16, 2005

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June 27, 2005


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Our Deepest purrs to those struggling from

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Our heartfelt purrs from Furship to anyone affected by

the horrible tragedies of September 11, 2001. You will

always be in our purrs and united we purr in furship

and furriendship!

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