Millennium Ball Ballroom cat cat cat
Welcome to the Ballroom! The Band, Felix and the Frisky Felines, are really wailing tonight!

Pinkie Mysty

Pinkie and Mysty have been placing the final touches on the Midsummer festivities. They are joining all their furriends and ready for a MidSummer of Dancing, Dining, Music and more.

Meanwhile, Tiger Magnificat Grey Milliken is chatting with Penny, Tang and Pupa Muma Aamose Grey Milliken. Tucker and Shibui, greet Pupa Muma, who has a new dress in a particularly flattering shade of sapphire blue, that brings out the highlights in her tabby fur so well! Tang looks so handsome in his tux. Shibui and Tucker look so charming together, whatever are they quietly mewing!

Papamuma Penny

TuckerShibui TigerTang

Here's Silvermyst and Cheyenne Autumn, waiting for their friends to finish dining and come in for mewsic and dancing. Oh my, they are such handsome kitties! And - look who's here. It's Nicolas Cage!

Here's Pepper Mille'! Minnie Mouser says to her friend, "Oh Pepper! What a stunning hat! And I was worried.. I didn't think you were coming." Pepper Mille' replies, "Mew mew, Minnie, good to see mew! My dear winkwink couldn't come but I decided to come along anyway, to see all my furriends.. "

We'd like to thank the following cats for their help with the ball and mainly with the wardrobes - Miss Pinkerton, LuvKitty's, Tiffany's Closet, Madam Troublinski, Mystyque among the many. If you dressed yourself or another kitty, please let us know so we can add mewr name here.