Furship Dining Room
Welcome to the TCMC Furship Guild's and The

Lobster's Rennaisance Dining!

Please enjoy the many varieties of food.  Each table in the

alcoves has different taste treats.  

Rennaisance Faire (23860 bytes)

We hope you enjoy yourselves.  

Some tables are set around

the ballroom too.  Many of our members

are already dancing under the stars.

Al and Troubie are just back from the Lobster,

where Madam Troublinksi prepared this sumptious feast!

Al and Troubie (25405 bytes)

seafood table(29151 bytes)

Click on the Lobster's table above to

visit their dining establishment. Madam Troublinski

also has a lobster buffet, which will

be serving all during our lovely Rennaissance Faire.


Patches Keedie

Misty and SnowPuff in distinguished medieval garb are celebrating with all of

TCMC! Lil, Keedie and Nicholas Cage look marvelous and are about

to join those two dashing gentlecats, who are entering the ballroom.

Runtell and Rhett

are about to enter the Furship Under the Stars

Additional dining and dancing continues on the Furship Veranda. Please visit.

Please sign our Guestbook Registry between dining and dancing.

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Faire(13359 bytes)

TCMC (13870 bytes)


Please take our participation graphics in remembrance.


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The tables were re-set on May 7, 2001.