Under the Stars
Come and Join the Furship Guild and Dance Under the Stars

during the Renaissance Faire Celebration.

Many of TCMC have joined Furship

under the stars, while enjoying the Faire.

Miss Pinkerton, Brother Petrus,  Smokey and Mysty have started the Faire's Minuet, oh don't

Pinkie and Mysty look lovely!  

There's Keedie and NicholasCage, those cute winks!

Joining in the waltz. Nick and Keedie

The lovely Tamara with

her Wink Wink Tottsky.

Al and Madame Troublinski so lovely!

 Michelle Kadiddie and SnowFox

what a handsome couple!

Ashley and Andy

Pepe seems to be enjoying herself and who is that?  Puffer

How wonderful! Spyder and MGD are about to dance.

The Buffet, prepared by the wonderfur, Madam Troublinksi and the staff of the Lobster is now being served in the Furship Dining Room.

Our gifts to you are the graphics below.

More are on other of our Faire pages.

TCMC (12560 bytes)

Furship TCMC (28841 bytes)

Special thanks to Miss Pinkerton, Tiffany's and LuvKitty's for costuming help and more.

Enter our Veranda where dancing and dining continue.

Our dance floor was re-swept on February 21, 2001.