The Furship Veranda

Welcome to the Veranda!

Enjoy Dining and Dancing as part of The Cat's Meow

Rennaisance Faire!

You can Dance Under the Stars in the Ballroom

or visit the Dining Room, where the buffet is now

being served. The Buffet is compliments

of TCMC Lobster, Restaurant Extraordinnaire.

Rennaisance Faire (20686 bytes)

TCMC Members are enjoying the lovely Faire on the Veranda.

Brother Oswin and Minnie joining in with Annie and Brother Jerome.

Whisper, Looking lovely in her new creation, Chester and Cheech greet the stunning Sissy G and her wink, SnowPuff.Whisper

Chester and Cheech are about to enter the

Furship Dining Room, catered by The Lobster!

Olivia and Charlie Foreland

Mary Kate and Amos

Pepe and Puffer are just back from the Main Tent and preparing to Dance Under the Stars, shall we join them?

The buffet is being served in the Dining Room or you can Dance Under the Stars.

Our gifts to visiting members are the graphics below.

Furship(12338 bytes)

TCMC balloon (27836 bytes)

More graphics on the other Faire pages.

The Veranda was reswept on February 21, 2001.