E-Nature Cats Information Base

E-Nature Cats Information Base


Congratulations to our Final Survivor, Snowey!

Hope you like your condo gift!

Storme that's not yours!  My apologies, she's always getting into something!

This prize was created by E.T. for our final two survivors.

Thank you so much E.T.!!! A wonderful prize!!


Making it to the Final Council with Snowey was

 We pad our paws softly in Congratulations,

as we send deep purrs of memories across

the Rainbow Bridge.

and a condo in remembrance of Troubie!  Happy Memories to Moke!

Prize bracelet created by E.T.


Special kudos to

and Snow Puff!

for making it to the Final Four!

They are special Purr-i-Dal Survivor Knights!


those surviving near the end our Honorable Guard


The below graphic is for those who made it near the end, but not as far as the above.

If any want their name on it, just let me know.

They include Anne Cordelia, BeBeast, Boo,  Keedie, Brya,

Playful, celebration,  RC,  Swizzle, Willow, Tang, Tyke, Tux, and Misty

If I left anyone out, please let me know.


Our special awards will be posted soon, like who was most photogenic etc.!


All became One Team - The E-Nature Survivors!

tyger's flag (2638 bytes)       determinator flag (3721 bytes)

The Determinator Panther Tyger CatPaws

   wildonesflag (7678 bytes)  flagawesomepaws (7836 bytes)

Awesome Purring  Supurr Wild Ones Paws

flag (1873 bytes)

http://ronna.netai.net/furshipguild/nature/purrpantherflag.gif (20006 bytes)flag (12223 bytes)

http://ronna.netai.net/furshipguild/nature/supurrcatsflag.gif (2794 bytes)mghty tiger banner (15138 bytes)

  Feel free to mew me about points or send suggestions anytime.


     Purr-i-dal Council 


1st - 30th Councils

Brother Oswin, Daniel, Brother Petrus,

Pooky Angel, Amy Leen, Lady Luv

Scarlet Poo O'Hara, Destino, Chimmy Leen

Hillary of Neverest, Nicholas Cage, Brother Jerome

Kelly Temp Cat, Kayla, Sassy Long,

Estralla, Oliver Berrier,  Pong, Sasha, Ren,

Lucky, Spyder, Budee,  Tiger M,  SnowFox

Diamond, Puffer, BlackJack, Sissy G and Al

Final Survivor Award

31 - 36th Council

MGD,  Cheech, Pinkie and Pepper Mille'

Lady Blue and Chavalah

Thirty-Seventh Council

No One! It's a Survival Celebration!

38 -51st Council

Anne Cordelia, BeBeast, Boo,  Keedie, Brya,

Playful, celebration,  RC,  Swizzle, Willow

Tang, Tyke, Tux, and Misty

Fifty-Second Council


Fifty-Third Council


Fifty-Fourth Council


Fifty-Fifth Council


Fifty-Sixth Council

our Final Councils





our Final Survivor


The Council has spoken.


If you have any questions, just write to Mysty.


Our list of cats is at E-Nature Cats Adventure

and our latest Activities are at the Breezeway.

Pictures are at The Gathering.


The winning Announcement and graphics are at the Furship Gazette,

and what New Year ..... is there?

The first Survival Challenge is at the Butterfly Challenge.

Word and Brain Teaser at Adventure Challenge.


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