Purr-i-dal Campfire

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Purr-i-dal Campfire


We've had such fun at our adventure that I thought I would put

some of the fun and interesting mewings here, for all to view.

Will add or change from time to time, and purrobably add graphics,

so come back and visit.


Oh I sooooooo happie happie, happie I
M.....I haz find da bananaz!!!!!!!  I will nebfur be hungrie again!!!!!
Headbonkiez an monkie dance, Pepe =^..^=


We were watching ours sisfurs and de lead us here - Willow and

RC followed Brya and BeBeasty to the Secret Banana Grove!


Boo - I am relaxing on my blanket on the island *Purr*
Boo Blanket (5885 bytes)and just the offur day I was taking

shelter from the winds Boo's shelter(7677 bytes)Of course while there

I discovered some tasty little lizards and some yummy Spiders too.

Finally I found some Snack food*MOL* purrs and headbutts, Boo.

My new years resolution is to spend more time sunning myself by our new

fish tank hmmmm maybe a fish will jump out an join me if I stay there long enough.


We both think the birds came and ate the bananas,

but with my bow and arrow I will be able to get nice fat

birds fur food - from Moke and Troubie

Troubiehttp://ronna.netai.net/furshipguild/nature/troubclimb.jpg (4464 bytes)climbing the cliffs during the Adventure.


From LuvKitty's, Al, Cheech and Puffer as our Adventure began -

Nicholas Cage says he believes he better stay home dat dis sounds to

dangerous furhim , he's a King and cant take chances on his life..


Patches (seated around the campfire at dinner time):
Wow, da mosquitoes are huge! I'm getting bitten to
pieces! I need somefing to stop dem biting me!

Misty: Take a dip in da lake. Dat will stop dem. mol!

Keedie, SnowPuff, and Tang: MOL!

Patches: Fink I'll turn in. Maybe curling up to sleep
in da sleeping bag will make dem go away, or at least,
help me forget about dem, cuz I am ITCHING!

Misty, Keedie, SnowPuff, and Tang: MOL!


heres my Butterfly....I had so much fun catching it..purries you should have
seen me jump so high into the air purr it. meow was purry careful not to
hurt it though.
- from BeBeasty


Yeppers! Picks up great here too! *Pong dancin round Tux* -

*dancing to the mewsic* what a way to kick of this adventure!

Pong dancing about Tribal name with him boombox

and Tux in response - Go Pong go!
Ofur tribes will be envious. I know Playful already is.

How about rest of tribe memfurs, can we celebrate tonight?


Mew all know what if we have to eat yucky stuff maybe if we get nipzed first
  we won't care what we are eating mol. - Baby Blu

Tux's reply - I think we should set up the tent right away.

And before we haf more nipz.


You never know what you'll read in the Gazette! - Mysty/


Meow we know what could be dangerous on this adventure,

Troubie after many days of no Lobster or Tunas.

Sorry Troubie just joking we luff mew. - Moses, Snowy and BabyBlu

"Aghast sighs" Troubie without Lobster! - this

is serious! - Purrs Buddee Luff mew Troubie:)

Meeeeeeeeowwww...... Al brought some lobster jerkey so mew

won't have that purrblem..... Purrs, Troubie who is furry happy

her Al thought of her.


Watch out for Moses, Snowey and BabyBlu practicing with their bow and

arrows for our Bullseye activity.  They made the arrows themselves!

http://ronna.netai.net/furshipguild/nature/babysrrowtr.gif (4536 bytes)http://ronna.netai.net/furshipguild/nature/mosesnewarrowtr.gif (4494 bytes)http://ronna.netai.net/furshipguild/nature/snoweyarrowtr.gif (4865 bytes)

Do you think they hit the bullseye?


I made a big pot of stew. We used some tasty bugs, some roots, and a big

lobster, Troubie, lost. So far, the weather has been nice this week.

but, I have an strange feeling on the back of my neck, purrs, Sissy G.


and what else is going on during our Adventure with our winks?

Pinkie if mew are not to busy please come join me for a picnic by the water.
I think I also saw Mysty and Moke walking by the water.
Mew Tabby Boy, Moses


Worms in berry sauce that don't sound to bad. Guess if it was the only thing
a kitty could find to eat I guess mew could shut mew eyes and swallow the
worms real quick mol.

Moses,Snowey and BabyBlu

I made a big pot of stew. We used some tasty bugs, some roots,

and a big lobster, Troubie, lost. So far, the weather has been nice this week.

but, I have an strange feeling on the back of my neck. purrs, Sissy G.


I made a luffly cruncy palmetto bug and cricket salad with pinapple

juice dressing...yummmyyy...crunch, munch, purrs, Swizzle

We celebrated Halloween with trick or treating thoughts and costumes.

For trick or treat I would give a fake chicken leg..  a rubber one, Pinkie

Miss Pinkerton thought she would dress up as a d*g for Halloween.

A nasty yappy d*g, like a Jack Russell Terrier (Meowmie loves 'em, but I don't!)

And I would go around scaring da ofur cats, coz they woudl think I was a d*g,

but befur they got too scared I would meow so they would know it was me.

I don't want em to get scared.

Anne Cordelia's costume was herself! I am beautiful Black Cat,

so I don't need a costume!  I'll just make Meowmie dress up as a witch

and I can ride around on her broomstick.   Hahahahahahaha..... 

so I guess you can say I am the Witch's Cat. 

Playful advised - Tux will be a troublemaker.

In ofur words, Tux is also a d*g.


Here are cool treats to make after chasing and looking for hidden banana
groves grab some of those bananas and make this recipe. If mew is not
diabetic we still think it would be delicious - Moses,Snowey and BabyBlu

Banana Freezer Pops (Diabetic)
2  ripe medium bananas
1  can (6 ounces) frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed (3/4 cup)
1/4  cup water
1  tablespoon honey
1  teaspoon vanilla
8  (3-ounce) paper or plastic cups
8  wooden sticks

To Prepare:
Peel bananas; break into chunks. Place in food processor or blender
container.  Add orange juice concentrate, water, honey and vanilla;

process until smooth.  Pour banana mixture evenly into cups. Cover

top of each cup with small piece of aluminum foil. Insert wooden stick

through center of foil into banana mixture.  Place cups on tray; freeze until

firm, about 3 hours. To serve, remove foil; tear off paper cups

(or slide out of plastic cups).  Yield: 8 servings

Banana & Chocolate Chip Pops (Diabetic)
1  small ripe banana
1  carton (8 ounces) banana nonfat yogurt
1/8  teaspoon ground nutmeg
2  tablespoons mini chocolate chips

To Prepare:
Slice banana; place in food processor with yogurt and nutmeg.
Process until smooth. Transfer to small bowl; stir in chips.
Spoon banana mixture into 4 plastic popsicle molds. Place tops
on molds; set in provided stand. Set on level surface in freezer;
freeze 2 hours or until firm. To unmold, briefly run warm water
over popsicle molds until each pop loosens. Yield: 4 servings


More to come, as our Adventure progresses!


Mews have been randomly placed from mails.  If you would like a

mewing here, just send it to Mysty.


Our list of cats is at E-Nature Cats Adventure

and our first activity is at the Breezeway.

Pictures are at The Gathering.

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Adventurer Gazette


The first Survival Challenge is at the Butterfly Challenge.

Frog Word Challenge.


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