Furship Office

Furship Guild Office

The Furship Office lists Guild positions, and service points with awards. If any are wrong, mew us. Use the e-mail link below for any changes or additional information. If you do not want your information listed for any reason, just let us know.

The Membership list, with emails, total points, and level achieved, is on our Member Page

The full list of Furship Memfurs, with emails, site addresses and other information, is on our Memfur Information Page

Furship Guild

Furship Guild Lodge Directors

Names will be mail links:

Destino - AwardCats and Assistant GuardDoorCats

Mysty, Mystyque - Guild FurMistress

Pepe - BirthdayCat

Tiger Magnificat Milliken - CorrespondentCat and KeyCat    


FurCountess Mysty This is my FurMaiden graphic. If you passed a level and didn't receive one, please let us know. The awards were purrfectly pawed by Boo.



Furship Levels

For Level 1, there are two awards to choose from:

Furship Level I Award
Furship Level I - 100 points - FurMaiden and GentleCat

Furship Level II Award
Furship Level II - 350 points - FurDuchess and FurDuke

Furship Level III
Furship Level III - 500 points - FurLord and FurLady

Furship Level IV Award
Furship Level IV - 700 points - FurEnchantress and FurKnight

Furship Level V
Furship Level V - 850 points - FurMyLady and FurMystic

For Levels VI and VII, there are 2 awards to choose from:

Furship Level VI

Furship Level VI
Furship Level VI - 1000 points - FurCountess and FurCount

Level 7 Award

Level 7 Award

Furship Level VII - 1300 points - FurContessa and GentleEarl

Level 8 Award

Furship Level VIII - 1600 points - FurAngelic and FurValiant

Furship Level IX
Furship Level IX - 2000 points - FurBaron and FurBaroness

Furship Level X - 2600 points - FurVisCountess and FurViCount

Furship Level XI - 3000 points - FurCharismic and FurAngelius

thank you, Scraps!

Thank you Tyger's Den!

Furship Level XII - 7000 points - FurSerenity and FurDynamic

We need awards for XIII and XIV soon!

Furship Level XIII - 10,000 points - FurMagical and FurMagistrate

thank mew for the new title, Moke!

Furship Level XIV - Fur the Majority selection -

members, please send in your suggestions!


Some members received a Fur graphic from Boo. I will make a graphic for each level and put it next to the level above here. If you want your name on it, just let me know. Also, anyone who makes an award will receive points. Do you recognize any members on the awards?


Remember to send in back-up mails, if you think they would be needed. My back-up mails are mariemys@yahoo.com.

Send mail with information, urls, birthdays, point information, comments or suggestions. If you can help, please mew us.

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