Furship Guild Inkwell

Furship Guild Inkwell

Please enjoy the wonderful writings of our Furship Cats.

Ally is our Poet Laureate for the Year 1999; Concatulations!

Ally Poet Laureate

by Ally

~CLAW's Furship Guild is a wonderfur way

To meet new furriends with whom to play

To share ideas, to give a mew,

To any kitties who may be needing you!

For a helping paw or a furriendly purr,

Furship Furriends are there, you can be sure!

And here are the poems that Furship Memfurs have written for the Year 2000 - My Happiest Furship Moment

This one was written by Tamara:

Furship Equals Friendship
by Tamara

Furship equals friendship and we all know thats true
where else in the world would I find better furiends like you.

Through good times and bad your always there for me,
to help me with my problems and listen to my pleas.

So when you think of Furship think of furiends so true,
and if you ever need us were always there for you.


And this is by Miss Pinkerton.

Pinkie's Furship
by Miss Pinkerton

A nervous little kitty-cat,
so new to CLAW. Knowing no-one.
Walking the halls, shy and alone.
NoCat to mew; not having fun.

I joined some guilds; Furship was one,
but not a memfur did I know.
Oh mew oh mew, what have I done!
I'm a stranger here..I'd better go.

But then to e-circles I went,
and before I let my courage fall,
I thought about these Furship Cats.
and sent some presents to them all.

Next day I got up - catputer on,
opened my email - my oh my!
Mews and presents everywhere
I couldn't believe my kitty eyes..

That's how it works in Furship Guild.
Every Furship Cat has friends galore!
We stand together, whisker to whisker,
Friends from the start - a Furship Law.

And now I'm such a Happy Cat,
with all my CLAW and Furship Friends.
Though I live far from all of you
the Catputer World, it has no end.

There's Mysty, Calli, Pepe, Queek.
Tamara, Snowfox, LuvKittys too.
Troubie, and the Brothers three..
Bastet and Ashley, Tiger, Boo.

Cheyenne Autumn and Silvermyst,
Pepper, LittleOne, CalliCat.
And all the rest......so dear to me,
My Furship Furriends - and that's a fact!

You all are with me, close as can be.
Your mews enrich my life each day.
It's GOOD to be a Furship Cat
with Furship Furriends to mew and play.

And so I tell you from my heart,
my happiest Furship moment when
I realised "Furship" is more than a word -
Friendship for all Cats, that has no end.


This lofurly one is by Madam Troublinski:

by Madam Troublinksi

But our kitty love will linger on
The parties, The funz, the things we do,
will keep us happy the whole year through
Furship is something that nefur ends,
That is why furship = Furrends
When I go to see mewr site once more
Will mew be sure to open the door?


And this is Sugar's poem:

by Sugar

Furship, Furship, who are you?
Big cats, little cats, all for mew
Fat cats, skinny cats
Cats with tempers, too.

Furship, Furship, what do you do?
Play games, sing songs, all for mew
Guestbooks, contests
Pawing, too.

Furship, Furship, who are you?
Old cats, young cats, all for mew
Shy cats, friendly cats
We're all Furship cats, too.


This lofurly poem is by Buster:

by Buster

I am only a cat.
The cat I am hides deep inside
The cat I want to be.

Furship means fun.
Education, friends, and love.
It brings out the cat in me.

I am only a cat.
The cat I want to be has been released.
The Furship Furriends see the hidden me.


And this is Misty's:

My Cat Mother Keedie

From out of nowhere one day she came,
She didn't even have a name,
Perched atop my window sill,
She came crying and gave me a thrill,
I fed her and took her into my home,
From that day on, I was never alone,
She gave me her babies, I took them in,
I had her spayed so she could win,
Some relief from the males that were chasing her,
They raped her and bit her and ruffled her fur,
But now at my hearth she happily sits,
Free from hunger and fear with her kits,
Living a life of peace and love,
Never to roam under nightskies above,
Never again to be lonely or fear,
She and her babies live with me here,
Bringing me joy and removing each tear,
She's my lovely kitty, I'm glad she came here!


And this is Queek's:

Explaining Furship to My Human
by Queek

"You are old" said my human
"One would scarcely suppose
You would start going out on the town now.
Yet there you were!
In a ballgown no less!
Now how did you manage to do that?"

I twitched my tail twice,
licked my paw, and replied
"Some things are a secret from humans-
BUT - I simple joined Furship
And made some new friends!
Miss Pinkerton helped me to do it."

"You are old" said my human
And you can't go outdoors
Yet you slip away somewhere,
I know it!
When you can't be found,
and your nowhere around
Where'd you go?
And how do you get there?

I curled up in a chair,
Stuck my nose in the air
and purred for a moment or two there
Then I said "Where I go
If you REALLY must know
Is to purr on her balcony with Mysty."

You see I have friends,
That I visit sometimes,
They are some of this worlds sweetest Kitties
Together we purr, or send cards or E-gifts
Cause Furship means Friendship-


And this is Pepe's:

What is Furship?
by Pepe

"What is Furship?"
What is Furship, I've been asked;
It's like friendship, but it's for cats!
We're thankful for Furship 365 days
of the year;
Thinking of our Furship friends,
makes us want to cheer!
We have fun meowing, visiting, playing,
and sharing from the heart;
It's like a family, and I'm so lucky to be a part!
Furship's laughter, fun and happiness
brightens up my days;
Forever and ever, I want to stay!


And this is Cassie's:

Furship is Friendship
by Cassie

Furship is Friendship

A lonely cat
just wandering 'round
no furrriends just yet
no one to show her around

She's shy, it's obvious
afraid to be a fool
but little does she know
what lays in store for her

She enters a room
not knowing what to expect
a warm breeze blows in
and makes her eyes sparkle

The warmth in the breeze
held furship no doubt
and furship is friendship
the cure for loneliness

A small calico,obviously shy too
walks up and says hi
how are you
and guides her to a chair

It's been sevral months
and now she feels at home
her shyness is gone
but the sparkle in her eyes
is not


And this is Little One's:

Furship is Friendship
by Little One


What Furship means to me
Furship means all fur one and one fur all
and when the day is done
Furship friends Are Number One
Need a hand give a furship friend a Call!
We may small but we have big hearts
and as a furship friend we never parts
For in Furship we depend, to the very end.


They are all so mewtiful, *sniffing*


Please do not copy this set; it was designed exclusively for use here by

Designed by Mysty

Furship Friends Graphic by Boo. Visit her site for more.

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