Claw Furship Guild Quilt

Furship quilt(8908 bytes)

Calli(5171 bytes) wvquilt.jpg (5153 bytes) Mysty(6098 bytes) quilt square(6605 bytes)
quilt square (5750 bytes) Keedie qltwv.gif (7551 bytes) Misty
Pepper Mille quilt square(6374 bytes) clawmew.jpg (6149 bytes)
SnowPuff clawmewfur.jpg (6576 bytes) Madam Troublinski(11493 bytes)
Mysty(3688 bytes) quilt(11108 bytes) Sasha quilt(12779 bytes)
quilt(12779 bytes)

Claw Furship Guild thanks our dear Queen Midnight

for all the fun and friendship we have experienced

through Claw.  Our purrs are stronger because of

our Queen's guidance, caring, teachings and Claw.

Some squares will be links to the individual cat's quilt square page, with mewings for our Queen.

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Another patch was added on August 13, 2000.