Furship Guild Recreation Room



We moved the card table and billiards table to the left corner,

so we could post current Activities here!

Oh, please be careful, one of our kitten memfurs tried

following the eight ball into a pocket, ouch!


WE are so purroud to have become a Claw Associate Guild in February 2004!


Remember every day between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. the tables are closed

for fur combing, this is for effuryone's benefit to enjoy playing better.

Please read and enjoy activities in between your recreation.

Ow! My tail is not a cue stick! Does anyone know who has the comber? 

bonus points for the right guess!


A big thank you to the Tyger's Den, Misty, Keedie, Snowpuff,

Patches, BooBoo, Yogi and Twinkles, for our new Recreation Page

Web Set


Now on with the info.

What is Furship?

"Furship Equals Friendship" is the Guild's Motto. Our Mission is

to combine Friendship and Fun, although we tackle serious issues

from time to time, for Guild Members and Claw Members. The

Guild promotes Claw, friendship, and goodwill for all members

and cats on the web through many activities and contests.

Furship Members always have a helping paw to lend and

support all Claw members in contests and more.


I've just added a Calendar for Birthdays and Special

Events, any member is free to use it.  Pepe will be adding

Birthdays to it too. 


Free Calendar from Bravenet.com Free Calendar from Bravenet.com


Our Furship activities are:

Current Activities


Our newest activity is a SuperCat Story.  You add

your purrsonal details, when you click on the page

at http://home.comcast.net/~mystyqcat/story/tale.html

25 points for telling Mysty the name of the Fairy,

and 80 points if you post your very own story on a page

with a link back to Furship or our story!


We wrote poems for our Meomie's at our Meomie's Day page

last year.  You can add a poem this year.  You can submit a link to your

 Meomie's day page also.   Either activity is 60 points!

Our activity this year includes writing in our Guestbook why your 

Mother and Father are special and what kind of virtual gift you

would give them for 25 points.  In addition we have Mother's Day tags

and some Father's Day tags at the Glass Studio to share

with all furriends. We will add names upon request.


For Summer Camp we had a Frog class and voted for our

favorite submitted tree frog to be a mascot on this page.

The winner above was submitted by Black Jack, a wonderpurr

Claw Member.

Our new activity is to give our mascot a name. We are voting

at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/furship/editsurvey or you

can send Storme your vote.  It's a 20 point activity.

The names to choose from are:

1. Frogfur
2. Croaker
3. Croaky
4 Kermit
5 Robin
7. Betty Croaker
8. Mr. Croak
9. Hopkins
10. Frogzilla
11. Buddy
12.  Fred
13. FurFroglet


Spring and Summer Garden pages remain online all year. There is a

Guestbook at the Summer Fling page. Also, if you're not already on one

of the pages send in your pictures. If you have a garden page send us

your link for our Garden Tour.  Remember to visit all the lovely

member gardens and see what's growing!


The Furship Chalet is celebrating Winter with CLAW at their

Winter Festival. Members are wearing fur coats, or their very own

fur or winter finery and mewing about the importance of keeping warm

in the winter. There is a guestbook for members to mew as a furship

activity besides winter camp with CLAW - 25 point activity.

Ou 4 pages are at Chalet, Great Room, Smorgasboard and

the Furship Quiz for your CLAW Furship winter badge.

Storme has a bonus point activity too, I think she said something

about pawing the guestbook! All Furship kitties get additional

Furship points for taking the quiz too!


Our Thanksgiving Quilt is online at Thanksgiving Furship Quilt.

You can add a quilt square anytime. There is a guestbook you can

sign for a 25 point activity too.


Our Virtual Vacations remain online all year. In the summer we reopen

the activity to new members. If you have a page send the link to Mysty.

It was updated with new vacations October 2004.

If you need help just ask. This is a 50 point activity.


Our visiting activity continues. Every 2 weeks or thereabouts

depending on the time the notice goes out etc. for two weeks you will

receive ten points for visiting a designated Member page and purrticipating

in an activity with a member, such as signing a guestbook, mewing

a guestbook, mewing on a forum, viewing a voting activity, sending a

card to someone who does not have a page or a similar activity. It is a

way of keeping and promoting Furship as our main activity. Other activities

and contests will still occur and continue. This activity is twenty points

as with pawing, but any visiting is always points.

- check this month's mewsletter for changes.


You can visit our Furship Thanksgiving Kitchen and Furship Thanksgiving Parlor

and leave a Thanksgiving thought for points in the Furship Dining Room's

guestbook. Thanksgiving is an all year thought. For this Thanksgiving the Guild

will be making an online Thanksgiving quilt. The page should be online soon,

but in the meantime the template to make your square is below.

The quilt is for members only.


The Holiday Candles are at Furship Candle. They will stay online and

be updated in the future, as will most of our pages. We appreciate

everyone's hard work and wonderful thoughts. You may want to visit

and add yours near the winter holidays. Mysty has created some candles

in paint shop, if you need one. This is open for the Holidays at present.


We will be having a Furriest Cat Contest with all of Claw sometime

in the future, as we did in the past with Furship.

You will be sending pictures as is or furried up in a paint program etc.

If you need help, just ask Mysty.


Based on the Television show, Survivor, Furship cats along with all of the Cat's

Meow Club had their own Survival Adventure!  It lasted over 2 years!

Adventurers  gathered round the Purr-i-dal Campfire for some interesting chat.

The Winner was announced at the Furship Gazette!

 Thanks and congratulations to all who purrticipated!


As some of you may know Mysty and Moke are being wed-winked.

We will use Adventure island as our setting and all are invited. 

It will be some time til we redo the pages.


Our Veranda had dancing under the stars at the Rennaisance fair.

Visit The Furship Ballroom, If you're not on our Ball pages, we will be

having future dances for you to attend.  We will be planning a ball

soon to celebrate Furship's Anniversary. We've been on the web

over 6 years!


I planned on reopening the Silver Tray, but was too busy with other furship

activities. Hopefully we can open it after the New Year. If you'd like to leave a card

or have one made, just ask Mysty. We will be holding an activity with our cards

in the coming year.


Furship Members can visit and leave pictures and more at the Family

place.  You can sign up at My Family. We may be discontinuing this.

If any member wants to be MyfamilyCat, please let Mysty know.


The form at the Front Desk is working at present properly. so send your page

urls and your birthdays for the Memfur page and activities to Mysty.


Remember, too, if you wish to help out, we can always use help in

any capacity as a director or assistant etc. Right now we need of Directors,

like an ActivityCat, Flash Cat and assistants for all Directors including webcats,

graphic felines, gremlin guardians, Award creators and more.


Ongoing Activities

Miss Pinkerton has the Furship Banner Exchange. She has offered to help

anyone make one too.


Furship Pawing is on hold until after the New Year. Each month the

winner is the Pawee and all members paw at that members door for entry.

You can do this in any way you like. You can send a card, tell a joke,

write something silly, send a picture of you pawing at a door, virtual catnip or

whatever. The Pawee selects the winner, whoever strikes their fancy and

gains entry. Silly? Purrobably, but should be a lot of Furship Fun. All

purrticipation is points and the Pawee gains 20 points. Just try to put

Furship somewhere in your mailing or let the pawee know something

for furship was sent afterwards, so you get credit. This activity will

usually run three weeks, with the fourth for announcing the winner

and preparing for the next pawing. If you don't understand this

activity just ask me.


Banners from our Furship Banner contest are on line at

Banner Contest. You can purroudly display any banner or card

found on that page or any of the Furship pages.


The Opening Catnap Contest is closed. Many of you found me napping at my

furravorite place, Mysty's Balcony. The Catnap Hall of Fame will remain there for awhile.

Mysty's thinking of leaving furravorite treats laying around this

year. So drop by and see if a special Furship point treat might be there,

of course mew have to be able to pick the right treat, teehee.


Furship Memfur Info Page.

Please check often, there are new members and new listings.

Those without pages or any member, if you have an activity idea

that does not involve pages, please let us know. We want everyone

to be happy and participate, through activities, pages or through mews.

Please remember also, if you do not have a page, you can keep your

awards, cyber adoptions or the like in your Furship locker or anywhere

in the Lodge, just send mail and let us know.


I will still try to continue and list some new info here and update

information as well as the latest news and events.


Purrticipation has been Great with Furship contest challenges!!

Thanks for visiting our recent entries. Just continue to let me know

when you visit these pages for Furship, voting is up to each member and

is optional. It is your decision if the site or activity merits your vote,

Furship is visiting members and Claw members sites. We'll continue

to send similar notices like this for Furship, usually titled Furship

Contest Flash. Concatulations to Playful and family for winning the

coveted Oscat in June 2004 - Mysty is now in the running for it! Kudos

to Al and Troubie for placing in their Valentine Contest and Puffer

and Pepe, who won theirs! Madam Troublinski, resting in peace, won the

top place in her web brawl also!   Snowpuff and his wink won

the wink wink contest in the Gallery for June 2003!


Don't furget to advise Mysty , of your week's activity. Especially

before the last week of the month if you want your points added

to this month's total instead of the next month. Send in points before

the last week of the month to receive that month's point credit.

I'm not sure if our point form is working.


You can apply for any member's awards, just visiting is points,

if you receive the award and put it on a page, its more points etc. The

same withmost page activities.


 Destino is our AwardCat. There is a Furship Awards Page to offer awards.

They have created a terrific one for the Member of the Month's Page award.

 Hope you'll all apply. Anyone can apply for the award below created by Boo,

but must provide a link back to Furship. You can tell others we offer the

award also. We hope to have more awards in the future.

Members can create them also.


The Lodge will provide a locker or a room for your cyber kitty adoptions

from members or the like. Once your kitty is at home in the Lodge,

you receive additional points also. We would just like you to purr

with it at times. Any special award you receive, like a Furrendly Cat

one could be placed there also.


At present I do not recommend joining the Furship ring. I

have not heard from Boo in awhile, who had the ownership

of it. When I applied to check on it, I was rejected. I may start

a different one. If any cat would like to be RingCat, please let

Mysty know.


If these sites or any member's site has a guestbook and you sign,

that's cat bulletFurship and points. When you sign let the site owner know

you're from the Furship Guild. All Furship members, please advise me

through e-mail when a member participates at an activity regarding

your page or signs a guestbook, so we can assign their Furship points.

If any member participates in any activity, please email me if you do

not receive your points. Whenever possible and have a blind copy option

for an activity, please send a copy to me which would be the easiest way to

keep track of Furship.

Another activity will be listed soon, but purrr, lunchtime and naptime!


Pepe is our BirthdayCat Director. If your birthday is not listed on

the Member Sites list let her or Mysty know.

Welcome Friends

Tiger Magnificat had a wonderfur idea. If members use e-cards from

CLAW for mews, they can received an extra point.

Creating a special mew card for any occasion or page, which could be

used like a card will earn more Furship points.

But you can always have one fur your own use too like my Birthday page.

Plus links will be posted at the Furship site. A Holiday season one like LuvKitty's,

Valentine's like Misty's and more.


The memfur card was posted above. Memfurs who place it on their page or

the like on the web will earn points per page etc. Please send any thoughts

regarding activities or ideas for catizens who do not have pages.

There are more membership graphics around furship including the cat

on the Lodge front page. Let me know if you want it emailed to you.

Furriendly Cat of the Month Award

We have a Furrendly Kitty Awards for the Guild. We haven't had time

to do this lately, but they will be awarded from time to time. We hope

you will each be recipients. Please send in votes for Furrendly Kitty,

Guild memfurs only. All votes will be confidential and one per kitty per

month. List of Guild memfurs is at Furship Memfur Info Page. Past

Recipients of the Furrendly Kitty Award include Pepe, Moke, etc.

and have entered our Furship Hall of Honor along with all our hardest

working, special and most active cats of the months like Pinkie,

Madam Troublinski and Moke.

Furship Award

The above graphic is an award that can be given to any site, who meets

the Furship criteria. Members, as well as others, can earn it for their

page. All members can automatically vote whether to award the graphic

or not. Destino has an award page at Furship member award site for members

to apply, other awards will follow. If you want to help, let me know. Please

rememfur the list of catizen's names on the memfur roster in the

Memfur Page also contains page links for those who have websites.

Visiting other Catizens is Furship points!

Send mews for activities to mystyqcat@comcast.net  If unsure, who

to contact just ask.

Furship Friend sign

Anyone wishing to create a Furship card or Award that is used

receives extra points. Points are given for used ideas and

participation. Above and below are two I threw together for friends we've

shared Furship with.

Furship Friend

We are going to begin work on our next contest. If you would like to help,

please let me know. You'll still be able to participate in it.

Remember if you become registered in a contest or a similar activity let

me know, so our memfurs can visit the site and earn further Furship.

Let other CLAW memfurs know that Furship can support all their efforts

in contests, pages etc. through Furship and Friendship and Furship

Guild memfurs gain Furship points for visiting, voting is their choice.

One votes at their discretion, if they feel the site merits it, but Furship

is earned by visiting.

If any cats are confused about any Furship activity, please ask.

Most of the current activities are for members of Furship Guild only.

For other Claw members the information would be mailed to you

and posted here.

Another concern is to remember just applying for awards or the

like earns members Furship points. If the page owner requests a

reciprocal link, then that must be honored if you accept the award etc.

Remember that many pages require links back to their sites for

graphics etc. So, when applying for an award or whatever, keep in

mind if you want to provide the link.


The Tyger's Den created a Level XII graphic award for us for

FurSerenity and FurDynamic. It's below,

Please visit the Office for all other level Awards and point lists.


All Activities are optional. This is your Guild and participation is up

to each memfur. We know how busy us cats can be! There are

many activities and you can choose which you participate in or are

able to. If you ever need help or info regarding any activity, just ask.

Any young kittens unsure of activities or would like to create a page,

please let us know. We want you to participate in what you would enjoy

doing. Does anyone want the position of Kittenship?


Here's a lovely poem that Pepper Mille' had sent in:

Some cats are big and some are small,
Some are short and some are tall,
Some have spots and some have stripes,
Some may have fleas or ear mites,
But all together, we are the same,
We all have a different name,
We are all cats, and we have friends,
I hope our friendship never ends,
All of us are beautiful in our own way,
We will always be friends no matter what we say!


If you were a former member of Furship and your name is not currently

listed on the Guild pages, you may have been placed on hiatus, since

we have been unable to contact you. Just email Mysty with your updated

information, and we will re-enter your name. All CLAW members, please

remember you must sign up at the Computer room to receive CLAW points.

A big thank you to the Director and Active Cats, who have helped so much.

I did not think I would be this active and my is it hard to find enough catnap time.

This page was last pawed on April 25, 2005.

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