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 Claw and Furship are having the Furriest Cat Contest!


  We will take mewr pictures for the next month or so.  Pictures can be anything, just mewrself as is or all furried up like the one on the sign above.  All Claw members will be able to vote for the Furriest Cat of the Month, after all pictures are in.


Entries are listed in the order they are received.  Send your entries

to Mysty, through the E-Mail link below.


Our First Entry is on the Furship Furriest Contest Sign up above.

Two  two (35031 bytes)

three (6810 bytes)Three



  four (10422 bytes) Five

five (9446 bytes) Six

Seven six (15935 bytes)


Such hard choices!  They are all so very furry!


A participation graphic for you

The winner of our first furry contest graciously appears on

our purrticipant Graphic with all her glorious fur!

If you want your name somewhere on the graphic or below it,

just email Mysty.


Concatulations to the Winners of our First Furship Furriest Contest.  

Everyone was furry splendid who participated.

Furriest Furship Cat for 2002 was Isabelle! 

Can she pose or what?

2nd Place - Keedie

3rd Place - Sasha

4th Place - Moke

Concatulations!  Furry Furship members!


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