Chapters 06-10

Chapter 6

Her parents were already up making breakfast. Mom made the best pancakes in the world.

"Nook, honey where were you last night” her mom asked walking up to her, “your father and I were so worried when you didn’t come home last night with Tanya.” Nook’s mom went up to her daughter and saw the trail of tears left on her face.

"Honey, were you crying? What happened?”

"Oh this?” Nook wiped her face and forced a smile, “nothing, I got something in my eye and now it’s gone.” She had just lied to her mother; she didn’t want to face anyone especially…

"Good morning everyone!” Tanya sauntered down the stairs in Nook’s bathrobe.

"Tanya…” the name slipped from Nook’s mouth. She was the last person Nook expected to, NO wanted to see.

"Hey there Nook! Wow where were you last night…me and Tao were looking for you everywhere.” Tanya gleamed with a great big smile on her face as she grabbed some pancakes and started eating.

"We’d thought you hooked up with some guy and left with him…but then I thought it couldn’t be because you are, after all, Nook.”

Nook couldn’t take it anymore. She didn’t want to deal with Tanya now, after what happened last night and Tanya’s apparent lie that she was looking for her. If Tanya were really looking for her, Nook wouldn’t have…

"Shut up Tanya! Gosh is that all you think about!!” Nook screamed at Tanya. She had wanted to say that for the longest time.

"Geez Nook what crawled up your butt and died?” Tanya retaliated as quickly as a snake.

"Nothing! Just leave me alone!” Nook ran upstairs as fast as she could, she didn’t want to see Tanya right now, let alone her parents.

"Nook! Nook!” her mother called after her but she had already made it to the safety of her own room, and locked the door.

"Don’t worry about her Mother, Nook’s just probably tired.” Nook’s father looked up from his newspaper to reassure his wife.

"But Father…” her mom knew Nook was keeping something from her, from everyone.

Tanya ignored everyone and was serving herself another helping of pancakes. “To be honest, I could care less about where Nook was” Tanya thought to herself, “I wonder what I’ll wear tonight?”

Nook’s mother looked at her husband, then at Tanya. She figured that if Nook was ever in trouble, she knew she could always talk to her family.

Chapter 7

---Upstairs---- Nook ran as fast as she could up to her room, slammed the door and was careful to lock it also. She didn’t want anyone to bother her…especially Tanya. She then threw herself onto her bed.

"Why is this happening to me,” she thought. The tears wouldn’t stop falling, no matter how many times she wiped them away, “what did I do to deserve this?” Nook tried to muffle her crying but she couldn’t. She was lying on the comfort of her own bed, holding her pillow against her cheek, and letting it soak up her sorrow.

Nook longed to tell her mother about what happened, but how could she? It was so shameful. What would her mother think? She had always been a good girl; she never really got into trouble but would never allow anyone to do anything to her one-sided. Beneath that quiet exterior was a storm raging inside. To her, love was love but hate was something she never truly experienced until today.

She hated Oil; she had never hated anyone so much in her life. She could never forgive what he did to her…and when she hated…that person would no longer exist in her world. But one thing that nagged at her was the reason he took advantage of her. The last thing she heard before she fainted was him saying, “attack her pride.”

"What did he mean by that? And why did he do that…why me?” No matter how she tried to answer…she couldn’t. She couldn’t understand the reasoning behind his actions.

"Maybe he didn’t have any reasons” she thought, “maybe he’s just a pig and that’s why Tanya was cheating on him…there’s no other explanation!”

Her head was throbbing painfully and slowly…she began to drift off into sleep. She was tired, tired of Tanya’s actions, tired of her life, tired of being seen quiet and meek…tired of…everything.

---2 months later---

Nook was upstairs in her room sitting at her desk…it was Sunday again.

"It’s been two months since…” she drifted off into a whisper. She didn’t even want to say, to repeat what had happened on that Sunday. “Stop it!” she scolded herself, “what’s past is past and it’s better to forget…”

If only that was easier than she thought. Last month she had nothing but nightmares about that night.

"If only it was easy to forget…” she was drifting off again, “Stop it Nook! You’ve got applications to fill out…no more of this nonsense!”

For the last few months, Nook tried to busy herself with the internship position she held at Blake, Durant, and Channing Associates. They were the best law firm she learned of while studying in college. Now, she was filling out law school applications for studying abroad. Her goal was to get into Boalt Law School in Berkeley. That was her goal in life after finishing college. She figured if she wasn’t in Thailand, she would forget things that were in need of forgetting.


"Oh my gosh…” she looked down at her watch, “I haven’t eaten yet!” she was so busy she forgot to go down for breakfast when her mother called her an hour earlier. “Oh well, might as well take a break!”

Today would be a good day, she told herself as she happily skipped downstairs.

"Mom! Sorry I didn’t come down earlier,” Nook headed towards the kitchen awaiting her mom’s pancakes, “I just kinda lost track of…”

"Time” answered Oil.

Chapter 8

Nook couldn’t believe it! Sitting at her kitchen table was the man she hated for the past two months.

"What is he doing here?” Nook was confused. Why was he in her house?

Oil stood up and walked towards her with open arms, “How are you doing Nook?” He had a huge grin on his face.

Nook quickly stepped back as he tried to approach her. But before she could run she bumped into her parents.

"Oh no! This can’t be happening! It’s just a nightmare again,” Nook was looking for a way out, but her mom’s gentle touch on her shoulder brought her back to reality. It wasn’t a dream…it was for real. The look on her parent’s face warned Nook something was definitely the matter.

"Nook…” her mother began, “why didn’t you tell us before? I thought you could tell us anything?”

"Oh my gosh…” thought Nook, she couldn’t believe it, “he told them about what happened!” She turned back and gave Oil an evil glare. But his face showed nothing but smiles…which made her even more angry at him.

"How can he afford to smile at a time like this?” Nook thought, “what was there to smile about…”

Her thoughts were interrupted by her father’s voice: "Honey, if you and Oil were planning to get married, why didn’t you tell us?”

"WHAT!” Nook screamed, “What did you say?” Perhaps she had heard wrong… “did…you…you… say…MARRIED?!”

"Of course honey, what else?” Oil spoke since his arrival and pulled Nook close to his body. He whispered to her:

"Would you rather I tell them what really happened, and that I’m here to deny responsibility if you happen to get pregnant?”

Nook pulled away violently from his side and glared at him.

"I can’t believe this,” she thought, “what is he doing…and PREGNANT! I never thought about that before!” Nook was shaking her head, it wasn’t possible…was it?

Oil pulled Nook back to his side and kissed her on the cheek; he then whispered:

"You know you have no choice, there’s no other way out for you.”

Nook was holding back tears, she couldn’t believe it but she had no choice; she didn’t want her parents to know the truth because she knew they would be disappointed in her. For the second time in her, she had succumbed to Oil---whether she liked it or not.

"Mom, Dad…it’s true” tears ran down her face as she brought herself to agree with him, no matter how much she was hurting at the moment, “we’re getting married…”

Chapter 9

"Now that wasn’t so hard…was it?” Oil whispered mockingly to Nook; so close she felt his lips on her ear.

Nook spun around quickly and gave him a dirty look. She couldn’t believe she was actually agreeing to this nonsense. Why on earth did she allow herself to take part in this? Why didn’t she tell her parents the truth? Before she had a chance to answer her own questions, her mother interrupted her thoughts:

"Honey,” Mrs. Kasemsan walked up and hugged her daughter, “I believe in your decisions…and if this is what you want, your father and I support you 100%.” She stroked her daughter’s hair, as if she were still a child, and tried to dry the tears that were falling down Nook’s cheeks.

Nook could not help but cry…her mother was supporting a lie. She couldn’t bear to tell truth about what happened. Her mother believed in her decisions, Nook didn’t want to break her heart. Slowly, she nodded and hugged her mother tighter. After a few seconds, her mother pulled her from their embrace and kissed her daughter on the cheek.

"A word of advice Nook…” tears of happiness streamed down Mrs. Kasemsan’s face, “always believe in the person you love.”

Nook nodded her head reluctantly and formulated the words beneath her breath, “believe in the person you love...” The only thing wrong with that was, in her case…they didn’t love one another. Nook refused to believe that Oil was marrying her because he had any feelings of love towards her.

"I’ll leave you two alone now so you can go over your plans,” Mrs. Kasemsan tugged at her husband, Mr. Kasemsan kissed his daughter on the forehead and gave her the “chins up” sign before following his wife outside to the garden. Oil and Nook stood alone side-by-side in the living room.

Nook was left standing submerged in her tears. They wouldn’t stop falling…no matter how many times she tried to wipe them away. Suddenly, she felt the warmness of Oil’s body next to hers.

"Oh please…” Oil spoke, annoyed at Nook’s constant crying, “stop with the water-works already; it’s too late for you to change your mind now, you’ve already told your parents that you were going to marry me, and you can’t back out. There’s not point in crying, I mean…not like I’m taking you to the guillotine or anything.”

Nook shifted her attention to him and yelled in his face, “You’re wrong! Living with you is going to be like living death! You wouldn’t know how it feels to be loved! Someone like you has no feelings for anyone else! You do everything for you own sake! That must be why Tanya dumped you! Because you’re selfish, egotistical, and…and…well some more really bad stuff!”

Nook was fumbling with her words and emotions as they spilled out, “Oh yeah, and I’ll tell you what I really think about you…”

Anger was in her eyes and she would not stop until she spoke her true feelings towards him, “I HATE YOU!!! AND I’LL NEVER FORGIVE WHAT YOU DID TO ME AND HOW YOU’RE ONLY USING ME FOR SOME SICK GAME!! And another thing…mmmfff…”

Before Nook could finish her sentence, Oil pulled her into his arms and firmly pressed his lips down on hers. Nook tried desperately to escape his clutches, but again he was still stronger than her. The fire of his lips raced through her body like a bolt of electricity…a feeling she never experienced before…her first kiss. He was not letting her go anytime soon, despite her efforts to pull herself away from him. She felt herself slowly melting in his arms…her arms lowered involuntarily and rested in his hands. She could feel his body heat surging through hers as he grasped her wrists; he was pulling her body closer to his until Nook felt the beating of his heart next to hers.

Chapter 10

"Aaagggghhhhh!!!” a shriek cut through the air and into Oil’s ears. He released his lips from Nook’s and gazed down at her, his hands still clasping her wrists.

Nook was startled at the scream, for surely she did not…no could not…scream while Oil was…Nook blushed at the thought of Oil’s actions. For a split second, it seemed as if her lips formed a very small, unnoticeable smile? Was it possible?

"NOOK SUTHIDA KASEMSAN!!” Tanya walked angrily over to the pair and flung Nook out of Oil’s grasp. Her eyes looked as if they were ready to kill; and if looks could kill, Nook would’ve died twice! Her grip on Nook’s arm tightened as she stared at Oil. Oil on the other hand, had a look of satisfaction on his face…mocking Tanya…stirring up emotions in her she did not want to feel.

"Tanya…” Nook winced at the pressure Tanya was putting on her arm, “Tanya, you’re hurting me!” Nook pleaded with Tanya to release her. Angrily, Tanya pushed Nook away and walked over to Oil. She circled him, looking him up and down while he stood smiling.

Oil had already seen her come in…which is why he grabbed Nook…why he kissed her…he knew Tanya would be furious at the sight. The smirk on his face was one of pleasure…he had Tanya right where he wanted her…eating out of the palm of his hands. She then stood between Nook and Oil and exchanged glances with both of them before speaking:

"So…what were you two doing?” Nook sensed the anger in Tanya’s voice. “If I hadn’t come in when I did…who knows what more you two would’ve done!” Tanya practically screamed the second part of her sentence.

"Tanya!” Nook was flustered with Tanya’s words, “How can you say that!”

"Oh Nook honey!” Oil interrupted, “I have a gift for you…it’s out in the car.” Oil didn’t want to see a catfight…well…not just yet, so he took this opportunity to go get Nook’s gift from his car. Tanya waited for Oil to leave before she continued…she didn’t want to give him the idea that she felt any emotions towards him. Her eyes followed Oil and when she saw it was safe to continue, she turned her attention to Nook.

"From what I just saw…you two were getting really hot and heavy!” She let out a huff and scooted closer to Nook. She pinched Nook’s arm and whispered into her ear:

"I can’t believe you would sink this low. Just because you can’t find a guy of your own doesn’t mean you have to take my leftovers!”

Nook pulled away from Tanya, practically pushing her away, “I can’t believe you would think I’m that kind of person!” Nook didn’t want to believe the words coming from her best friend’s mouth. “How can you put me down like that!? I had no choice!”

"No choice?!” Tanya spoke sarcastically, “what on earth made you think you had no choice but to kiss him huh?!” Nook could see the blood rushing to Tanya’s face. Tanya tried to compose herself, she didn’t want others to see her out-of-control.

"I knew it…” Tanya spun around and looked out through the kitchen window at Oil, who was busy rummaging through his car, “I knew you wanted him even when we were still dating! You were jealous of me, jealous that I got Oil while you secretly had a crush on him…don’t think I didn’t know!” Tanya redirected her gaze towards Nook before she continued, “You were just using me to get to Oil!”

Nook couldn’t take it anymore. Her hands curled up into fists by her side. She couldn’t believe that Tanya was saying such lies. Nook never had a crush on Oil, she only thought him good-looking; and never in a hundred years did she ever think of stealing Oil away. Nook bit down hard on her lip…but before she could retaliate, Tanya beat her to it.

"You were always jealous of me! Jealous that I got everything better in life and you didn’t!” Tanya was putting her frustrations off on Nook, she needed a scapegoat to blame her own insecurities on, “You know…I would’ve been happy for Oil if he found a new girlfriend…I just didn’t think he would sink this low and pick someone like you…”

>>>Slaaappp<<< Tanya practically stumbled to the ground. Nook couldn’t believe what just happened…she looked at her own hand and saw the red impression it left on Tanya’s face. Nook could no longer hold in her rage, every word…every sentence Tanya spoke felt like a hundred knives stabbing her in the heart. To think, this was the person she called her “best friend?” Nook didn’t want to believe this person, who saved her from a bunch of bullies, was being a bully herself by saying nasty things to her. Nook had never taken any of Tanya’s comments about her to heart, but this time, Tanya had gone too far.

Tanya flung her head up and glared at Nook. A small trickle of blood escaped from her lips. She got to her feet, straightened the wrinkles out of her dress and before Nook knew what was happening, Tanya was dashing towards her…

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