Chapters 11-15

Chapter 11

"Nook honey! I’m back!”

The sound of Oil’s voice stopped Tanya dead in her tracks. She didn’t want Oil to see her lose composure. She straightened herself and turned around to meet Oil. Her jaw dropped when she saw what Oil carried in his arms.

Oil ignored Tanya, as he walked over to Nook, he didn’t even bother to acknowledge her presence as he passed by her.

Oil was satisfied with the results of what his actions did to Tanya, he had been watching the two of them from the outside for quite some time, before deciding to make his entrance. He was also surprised at what Nook did; he never thought she would have the guts to stand up to Tanya. Oil stood next to Nook, who was still shocked by her own actions. It took her a while to notice Oil standing next to her.

"Honey…are you okay?” Oil spoke to Nook with false concern, Nook could sense it in his voice, “I have a present for you…here.”

Oil put the bouquet of two-dozen red roses in Nook’s arms. Nook slowly looked down at the flowers in her arms and spoke softly…

"Red roses…” She had a look of disappointment in her eyes. Tanya on the other hand, glared at the bouquet with envy. Never in their time together had Oil bought her two-dozen red roses, even though he knew they were her favorite flowers.

"Oh and that’s not all…” Oil reached into his pocket and pulled out a small red velvet box. He opened the box to reveal a ring with 4 diamonds encircling some small rubies arranged in the shape of a rose. He plucked the ring from the box and placed it gently on Nook’s left ring finger.

The cold feel of the gold ring on her finger made Nook shiver involuntarily. She lifted her hand to take a look at the ring; when she finally saw it in the light, her eyes could not help but widen. This ring that Oil had given her was…

"My ring!!!” Tanya screamed, “That’s the same ring you proposed to me with!” Tanya gazed at Oil, who pretended not to notice her.

"Tanya’s right,” Nook thought to herself. She was there when Oil proposed to Tanya; and this was the same exact ring. Nook felt sick to her stomach; she didn’t want the cursed ring on her finger…she would’ve settled for a piece of yarn or nothing at all…but not this ring! She then felt Oil lifting her hand to his lips as he kissed the ring. His eyes were directed towards Tanya, teasing her, he wanted to make sure she felt sorry she ever let him slip by.

Fury blazed throughout Tanya, she couldn’t believe the sight she was seeing: The man who was head over heals in love with her for two years was now fawning over Nook as if she was the most beautiful creature in the world. Tanya wasn’t able to hold it in any longer; she couldn’t allow this to go on any longer.

Tanya walked towards Nook and Oil and sarcastically said, “Congratulations” before crossing the threshold and slamming the front door behind her as she left.

Before Oil could utter another word, Nook spoke with a serious tone:

"I think you should leave too.” She didn’t bother to look at him. Everything he did was making her sick and she didn’t want to deal with this any longer. Oil, sensing her tone of voice made no attempt to coddle her.

"Alright,” Oil said flatly, “I’ll call you tomorrow and we’ll discuss the wedding. I want to get married as soon as possible, and I want the wedding to be very small.” Oil picked his coat off the chair and tried to kiss Nook on the cheek. She turned her face before he had a chance to come into contact with it. She was tired. It wasn’t until she heard Oil’s car leave her driveway that she broke down and fell to the floor.

On her knees, Nook stared blankly at the white walls of her home. She then directed her attention to the bouquet in her arms.

"Red roses…” she stared at the redness of the flowers for quite some time before she carefully laid them on the floor before getting up and walked upstairs to her room. All the while, she repeated under her breath: “Red roses…”

Chapter 12

---2 weeks later---

Nook was sitting at her dresser as the hairstylist picked and poked at her head. The sun was out today, but it still felt a bit chilly…the same atmosphere Nook woke up from two months ago.

The makeup artist was complimenting Nook on her healthy skin, but Nook failed to hear anything. She sat on her ottoman staring blankly at the mirror and the image of herself that it reflected; she looked like a mannequin…soulless and lifeless on what was suppose to be the happiest day of her life. She had been up since 5 a.m. and the makeup artist tried desperately to cover up the black circles under Nook’s eyes. No amount of makeup would be able to hide the sadness that Nook felt at that moment.

The hairstylist had arranged Nook’s hair into curls and adorned them with a crown of petite roses and baby’s breath. Her dress was strapless and very plain white. Her shawl was also very plain with the exception of some small fabric roses sewn onto it. Nook made it clear to Oil that she wanted the wedding to be at her parents home…at least then she wouldn’t feel out of place. Oil had made all the other arrangements for the wedding, all Nook did was get the dress fitted and wait for the day her freedom would be taken away.

Mrs. Kasemsan knocked on the door and walked up to her daughter. At the sight of her mother, Nook spun around and embraced her…she wanted to cry but swore to herself that she would no longer cry because of Oil. Mrs. Kasemsan hugged her daughter and spoke:

"You look beautiful today Nook,” she didn’t understand the sad look in Nook’s eyes, “Come on, it’s about to start.” She led Nook downstairs to the living room where Oil, Mr. Kasemsan, and a few guests chatted. When they saw Nook coming down the stairs, everyone fell silent in awe of Nook’s beauty. Even Oil could not help but stare at his wife-to-be.

"She looks half-decent when she’s all made up,” Oil thought.

Mrs. Kasemsan led her daughter to Oil and rested Nook’s hand in his. The wedding would only consist of signing the marriage license, and a small reception afterwards. Oil was careful not to leak out the information to Tanya…in fear she would ruin everything and he wouldn’t get his revenge.

When it was Nook’s turn to sign the legal binding documents, she made sure she read over and over, trying to stall time. Once she signed this, her life was in his hands…a risk she had taken when she agreed to become his wife. She let her hand hover over the documents for some time before actually signing it. Every letter she wrote felt like signing over her soul to the devil.

A small reception was held for the guests that arrived. Nook forced herself to smile as she walked hand in hand with Oil as the guests gave her their congratulations.

"Try to smile more convincingly,” Oil whispered into Nook’s ear, “They’re going to think that I forced you to marry me or did something bad to you…”

Nook lifted her face to meet his and gave him a gigantic fake smile, as she spoke sarcastically, “Can’t you tell I’m so happy with you?” She then tried to get away from him, but he pulled her back to his side and kissed her cheek as a few guests walked by. Nook felt the weight he was putting on her waist and struggled to get free…which only made Oil hold onto her tighter. She then stomped on his foot, and pinched his arm…all of which caused him to wince in pain, but still would not let go of her.

"He’s actually enjoying getting hurt!” Nook thought. She then figured it would be useless to fight with someone like him; he had nothing to lose anyways. Throughout the rest of the reception, Oil hung onto Nook, never letting her out of his sight… even for a split second.

Chapter 13

After the reception, Oil took Nook to the house he had built as a wedding present for her. The house was located 30 minutes away from the Kasemsan’s home. Oil’s father and Nook’s parents followed them in a limousine. Mr. Suthikamol was shocked to hear the news that his only son was getting married in such a hurry. Once he saw Nook, he was quite pleased because he was afraid Oil would’ve chosen Tanya, who was more money hungry than anything else. Their family owned a huge corporation, with some overseas. Mr. Suthikamol left Oil in charge of the company in Thailand while he flew around checking up on the ones in America and England. He had wanted his son to settle down for a long time, and finally give me some long awaited grandchildren.

The house of built of bricks, with a red roof and a white fence enclosing the gigantic mansion. It consisted of eight bedrooms total, and 7.5 bathrooms. Nook was in awe of the sight, never in her life had she seen such a huge house. Oil peered over to Nook and saw the look on her face, he was happy to see that she liked it. Their parents led Oil and Nook into the master bedroom, which was adorned with rose petals and small jasmine wreaths, as was the tradition. Oil and Nook sat side-by-side on the bed as their parents wished them well.

"Be a good girl okay honey,” Mrs. Kasemsan took her daughter’s hands and brought them up to her face, “and don’t forget what I told you, I love you honey” Nook hugged her mother while her father laid his hand on her head, wishing her happiness with her new life.

Mr. Suthikamol patted his son on the shoulder and spoke: “Take care of her…she’s a keeper!” He chuckled a little and turned to his new daughter-in-law.

"Nook, take care of him too okay! And if he does anything to hurt your feelings…feel free to tell me and I’ll take care of everything!” Everyone laughed, except Nook who tried to force a smile on her face. Oil looked over to her with a mischievous grin, which caused Nook to frown immediately. She knew what he was thinking, and felt the blood rush to her face.

"Alright,” Mr. Suthikamol announced, “we better leave these two love birds alone…they need to make us some grandchildren!” He laughed again and Nook’s parents bade her farewell as they left the room.

"Ahhh…” Oil let himself fall back onto the bed. He then propped himself up on his side and stared at Nook. Nook sneaked glances as him, and became uncomfortable at the way he was looking at her. She got up quickly and tried to head to the bathroom.

"Where are you going?” Oil jolted up and wrapped his arms around her waist. He then rested his chin on her shoulder; “You aren’t leaving me alone are you? You know…I don’t like to sleep alone…” Oil hugged Nook closer.

"Ur…I…um…” Nook’s face flushed a bright red while she tried to loosen Oil’s arms from her waist, “I’m going to take a shower.”

"Okay then…” Oil paused for a minute and kissed Nook’s shoulder, which made her shudder a bit, “we’ll go in together…I need to take a shower too.” He was already pushing Nook towards the bathroom.

"Ah!” Nook let a small scream escape from her mouth as she didn’t expect him to say that, “it’s okay, I can take a shower by myself…” she was trying to make excuses to persuade him to change his mind, “besides I would take too long what with me having to wash my hair, and taking the stuff out, and…”

"Okay!” Oil knew what she was trying to do, “Fine, tonight I’ll let you take one by yourself…”

"Phew!” Nook thought, “that was a close one…”

"But I can’t guarantee what will happen on other nights though…” Oil smirked and kissed her on the cheek. Nook then took the opportunity to step on his foot, which made him release her as she dashed to the bathroom and locked the door. Oil smiled and fell onto the bed to wait for her.

Nook’s heart was beating a mile a minute. She couldn’t believe Oil was actually saying those things. She allowed herself a little smile…but corrected it back into a frown when she saw her reflection in the mirror, and reality hit her that he was only doing it to get back at Tanya. Nook let out a long sigh and as she proceeded unzip her dress.

Chapter 14

Nook took longer in the bathroom than she normally would have. She wanted to make sure that Oil was already asleep by the time she got out. She spent extra time washing her hair and allowed her hair to dry naturally instead of the usual blow-drying.

Nook walked out of the bathroom, slowly drying her wet hair with a towel as she tiptoed over to the bed. As she had guessed, Oil had fallen asleep on the bed without bothering to change out of his tuxedo. Nook was happy that he was asleep…but where was she going to sleep? She didn’t want to sleep in the same bed as him…afraid he would take advantage of her, again. Although they were ‘officially’ married, Nook did not want anything to happen between them…she knew too well that the reasoning behind his actions was to make Tanya jealous through her.

She took a few steps closer to the bed and hovered over Oil; she waved her hands over his face a few times to ensure he was not pretending to sleep. Oil, who was still awake, purposely turned over in the bed, which caused Nook to jump back in surprise. With his back towards Nook, Oil opened his eyes and grinned a little. Nook scooted closer to him and whispered his name.


No response. She went in closer to his ear and whispered:

"Oil…Are you awake?…Oil get up…you need to go take a shower…” still no response. Nook tugged his arm a little to see if she could wake him.

"Oil…” Nook spoke softly as she gently rocked his arm, “Oil get up…you need to shower…you smell really bad…Oil…”

"Ahh!” Nook let out a small yelp as Oil turned around and pinned her onto the bed. His arms were wrapped around her in a gentle embrace while his face held a cunning smile. Nook’s face turned bright red in response to the closeness of Oil’s face to her own. Oil lowered his face closer to hers; Nook could feel his warm breath on her cheek as their faces came into contact with one another. Before his lips had a chance to grace hers, Nook, realizing her situation, bolted upright causing Oil to tumble off the bed and onto the floor. She then hurriedly ran around to the other side of the bed to give herself some distance from him.

"Owww…” Oil patted his head as he got to his feet, “Geez…Nook what were you trying to do to me?” He sat down on the bed and leaned his body towards the side of the bed where Nook stood.

"I…umm…I…urr…you…” Nook couldn’t find an explanation for her own actions…it was more of a reflex than anything else, “Well, you were going to take advantage of me…so I had to protect myself.” Nook spoke assertively. She then added:

"And don’t tell me you weren’t thinking that!”

Oil lowered his face and chuckled at how cross Nook was with him.

"What’s so funny?” Nook spoke in an angry tone.

"Nothing…much…” Oil replied but still could not hold in the laughter. He then got up from the bed and headed towards the bathroom, all the while still laughing at Nook.

"Jerk!” Nook folded her arms across her chest and pouted, “What’s so funny anyways?”

---An hour later---

Oil walked out of the bathroom to a heavily lit room. ‘Why were there so many lights on’ he wondered; he didn’t remember if he had lit all of them or if Nook did. He walked over to the bed to see Nook sprawled all over it. Her body was laid out all over the place…an arm here…a leg there…and lots of blankets and pillows next to her. Oil wanted to burst out laughing at the sight of Nook. He knew what she was thinking and it was too funny the way she enacted everything.

"I guess I’ll just sleep on the couch tonight!” Oil deliberately spoke loudly so that Nook would hear him. He then took one of the pillows and blankets off the bed and headed over to the couch, which was situated next to the door. After he got settled in, uncomfortable as it was, he made to sure to shut off all the lights. The only light came from the moon that illuminated the bed from a crack in the curtains.

Nook waited for a while before she began moving again. She propped herself up on her elbow and peered over to where Oil was sleeping; she wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to do anything to her tonight. From where she was…it was hard to see if he was awake or not. Nook quietly slipped out of the pile of blankets and tiptoed her way over to where Oil was.

"He looks like he’s asleep,” Nook said to herself. She began to wave her hands in front of him and make faces at him…just to see if he was really asleep.

"From the looks of it…seems you’re lonely and need someone to play with…” Oil spoke to her without opening his eyes, “is this an invitation??”

Nook practically sprinted back to the bed and began to pile blankets and pillows onto herself. Her face was hot with embarrassment.

"Weirdo…” she spoke as she tried to rock herself to sleep and told herself not to move for the rest of the night.

Oil looked over to where she was and smiled. “Cute,” he thought as he drifted off to sleep…in his dreams…he was planning out the rest of his revenge.

"Soon…” he murmured, “very soon…”

Chapter 15

Nook kicked off another blanket. She was sweating like crazy under the pile of 3 blankets.

"This was a bad plan…” Nook sighed and pulled the blanket off her head, she couldn’t stand the heat anymore. Today seemed to be a sunny day, judging from the view from her bedroom window. Nook laid around for a couple of minutes, trying to get back to sleep until she realized it was impossible. She kicked off all the blankets and sat up on the bed, when she looked over to the sofa where Oil slept, there was nothing there but an indention of his head on the pillow.

"Hmmm…” thought Nook as she looked at the clock, it was 8:00 a.m., “where did he go so early?” Nook got up and fixed the bed, she then walked over to the sofa and folded Oil’s blanket. When went to the dresser for a hair tie, there was a little note left conveniently on the mirror. Nook took it off the mirror and read it, it was from Oil:

Sorry I had to leave you alone today, I’ll be in the office until 6pm. Wait for me so we can eat dinner together okay?

~Yours truly,

I hope you slept well last night…even with all those blankets!

Nook pulled the note close to her heart and held it there for a while. Even in writing he managed to be annoying. She set the note on the dresser and skipped to the bathroom.



"Hello? Kasemsan residence.”

"Mom, it’s me Nook.”

"Oh hi darling.” Mrs. Kasemsan was excited to hear from her daughter so soon, “How are you doing? Is Oil treating you well?”

"Yeah…” Nook took a long pause, “ I guess so, he’s at work right now and I’m alone.” She let out a sigh, “Mom, did you receive anything from Berkeley yet?” Nook was eager to know if Boalt had accepted her.

"No, dear…but one of your old law professors called and she wants to see you today, if that’s possible. I don’t know about what but it sounded urgent.”

"Really?” Nook was excited, “Okay I’ll go see her today, besides it’ll give me something to do besides wait around all day until Oil comes back.” It was too boring to just do that, if Oil thought that he would keep her in the house all day just to wait for him, she wouldn’t do it!

"I’ll talk to you later okay mom! Bye! I love you.”

"I love you to dear…take care of yourself…bye.”

Nook hung up then eagerly ran upstairs to get dressed.

---ABAC University---

"Wow,” Nook thought. It had been a while since she was back on campus. Nothing seemed to change…everyone looked busy as usual. She walked towards the Legal Studies building to find her old professor. Professor Bouaphanh was the person who sparked Nook’s interest in pursuing Legal Studies as a major. The way she taught was so eloquent that Nook could not help but want to learn more about the legal system. Nook was wondering what Professor Boua needed to talk to her about.

"Professor Boua?” Nook peeked into the office. She could hear voices but wasn’t sure if that was Professor Boua. When Nook finally found her, she was talking with a graduate student. She looked up when she saw Nook.

"Nook!” Professor Boua excused herself from the student and got up to hug Nook. Nook returned the embrace and smiled profusely.

"Wow I haven’t seen you in a long time Nook! What have you been up to?” Nook fell silent when she saw Professor Boua looking at her ring finger. “You got married Nook? To whom? How come you didn’t tell me…oh wait…” Professor Boua introduced the student to Nook.

"This is Thanisha,” Thanisha stood up and smiled at Nook and greeted her. Nook did likewise. “She’s also trying to apply to Boalt,” Professor Boua continued, “I wanted you two to help one another with the processes involved in studying abroad because you two are my best students.”

"Hi, I’m Thanisha, but you can call me Aum. It’s nice to meet someone who’s also interested in Boalt,” Thanisha said as she smiled at Nook.

"I’m Suthida, but all my friends call me Nook,” Nook replied, “I think it’s great you’re applying also. Not a lot of people take the initiative to travel abroad nowadays.”

The point of the meeting with Nook today was to introduce her to Aum. Professor Boua was happy to see that Nook and Aum got along really well. Later, the three of them went to lunch and discussed their plans for the future. Nook was glad to have met a new friend who was interested in the stuff she did. After lunch they all returned to campus where Professor Boua had to teach a class.

"Yeah…I think it’s really cool that you’re going to Berkeley also,” Aum commented, “I’ve always wanted to go there but I never had the money to do so.”

"I heard it’s really nice,” Nook responded, “The weather’s really nice too, and San Francisco is just across the bay!”

Aum and Nook were chatting up a storm. They didn’t realize they had so many things in common with one another. Aum and Nook were about to sit down and catch up on each other when Nook saw a familiar face in the distance. Nook stopped abruptly and stared at the figure that was advancing towards her direction. Aum noticed this and directed her attention to the figure.

"Nook,” Aum questioned, “Who’s he?” The figure was now no more that a few steps away from the two when he spoke:

"Nook, can we talk?”

"I…” Nook didn’t really want to talk with him right now. She just met a new friend…

"Nook, I think I should let you guys talk, it seems important,” Aum interrupted Nook’s sentence and then bade her farewell. Aum felt a weird vibe between the two and it seemed as if the guy had something urgent to discuss with Nook. Aum looked back after she had gotten to a safe distance, she hoped Nook would be alright by herself…and the guy…he was kinda cute! Aum smiled and walked on.

"You look serious. Is it that urgent?” Nook spoke. She felt weird being around him.

"Please Nook, it’s really important…it’s about Tanya…” his voice cracked as he said Tanya’s voice; he looked horrible too.

"Okay, is here fine?”

"No, not here…can be go somewhere more private?”

"Fine…” Nook followed him to his car and got in. “This thing with Tanya…there’s a part that deals with me isn’t there?”

"Entirely…” Tao nodded his head as they drove out of the parking lot.

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